What is Search Engine Marketing?

Today, search engine marketing tends to play an increasingly important role in internet marketing. More than 60% internet surfers use search engine on a daily basis. They are seeking information that is highly relevant, instantly available, and totally free. Search engine is the right tool that can help find anything, anywhere and anytime.

For small companies that care much about ROI, search engine marketing provides even more opportunity for them to market their product worldwide, and generate significant sales with limited budget.

After you determine to market your site on the search engine, it is time to develop a detailed strategy. How to push your site rankings? Which pay-per-click search engine to advertise? To improve search engine ranking, you can optimize site by yourself or can simply hire an SEO consultant.

If you decide to do all the things by yourself, then here are some points that you may find them helpful.

Determine which search engines you are going to optimize your site for. There are major three search engines on the earth: Google, Yahoo, and MSN. These three account to over 95% market share. Though ranking algorithms are different for each search engine, they have some in common, such as content relevancy, link popularity, and meta tag. You can optimize your site for all these three search engines.

Use PPC as a great alternative to promote and brand your site. Both Google and Yahoo offer pay-per-click advertisement. Yahoo delivers such service through its newly purchased company, called Overture. When you advertise with Yahoo/Overture, you also advertise with MSN because MSN use Overture’s paid search results.