What are Meta Tags?

What are Meta Tags?
Meta tags for your “title”, “description”, and “keywords”.

<meta NAME=”keywords” CONTENT=” your keywords here”>
<meta NAME=”description” CONTENT=” your description here “>
<title> your title here </title>
A Title (with a high percentage of your site’s keywords, and a title that starts with an “A” is best because some search engines sort alphabetically).
A Description (with a high percentage of your site’s keywords)
Keywords (to see someone’s keywords, while viewing a web site, click “view” “source”. Then you can see what keywords they are using (who they are targeting).

For fun, go to your competitors web sites, and click “view ” then click “source” (Netscape calls it “page source”.) You will be looking for something that says “Meta keywords”.

After your website is designed, it needs to be “submitted” to the top search engines (Yahoo, Excite, Lycos, Altavista, HotBot…there are hundreds of them.) The majority of them charge NOTHING for you to submit a site to them. The best place to begin submitting your site is Yahoo.com. After you submit your web site there, search for “search engines” and begins submitting your site at other search engines.