Website Submission

One your site is created, it is time to submit it to search engines. Why? It is easy to understand. It only costs you a minute. The result is that your site can be indexed by these search engines. When some one uses keyword related to your site content to search, you site can be shown on the search results.

You may doubt whether every webmaster submits there site. The answer is “not”. In fact, only a small number of site owners do so. Search engines typically use spiders to crawl the internet. When some other site links to you, then your site can be found by the robot and then be indexed even that you never submit your site to the search engine.
However, you are not sure that some other will link to you. Therefore, it is still wise to proactively submit your site to major search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. It wont’ cost you a penny.

It is our suggestion that you also submit your site to the Open Directory Project or famously as DMOZ directory. This, so far the world largest human edited directory, does not approve every site submitted. Rather, they select some quality sites. The benefit of being included is obvious – your site will be definitely indexed by most search engines. The more, this can push your PageRank by “1”.