Website Optimization for Small Business

Website optimization or known as On-site Optimization includes keyword selection, content creating, meta tag generation and robot files.

1. Keyword Definition. It seems easy to define your site’s keywords. Most people who have little search engine optimization experience just pick their product or service name as the sole keywords. It is less than sufficient to do so. Rather, you are wise to select some other related words and in singular or in plural number. For related words, you can pick up by searching in Overture keyword inventory.

2. Content Writing. Only the site owners can do this. If you hire an SEO company, they can help modify and make it keyword-rich. Be careful, here. In most cases, keyword-rich texts can be misleading, and are not good to read. You should seek a balance between search engines and your visitors.

3. Meta Tag generation. Once your content is completed and keywords are defined, you can begin to generate meta tag (between <head> and </head> in your html view). The most widely used format is as following:

<meta name=”description” content=” “>
<meta name=”keywords” content=””>

4. Creation of robot file. It is simple. Just put the following text into the ready file, and upload to the directory where your home page is located.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /