Website Optimization for Google Search Engine

To optimize your website for higher Google ranking isn’t as easy as it was years ago. Meta tag is just not enough, let alone content relevance. As Google use PageRank as the increasingly important factor to rank site, it becomes a must to get significant number of links in order to get high search ranking.

Therefore, here we will not discuss the on-site optimization (content rewriting or meta tag generation). Rather, we will focus on off-site optimization – how to get a higher PageRank and most importantly, higher search engine ranking. Before we get started, let me cite several facts first.

Sites with content not related to keyword can get high search engine ranking.

Did you ever get a list of search results, one or more of which do not contain or are not relevant to the keywords you query? What causes it to be that? The reasons behind is simple. Text link only can help push great Google ranking if it contains keyword. Can’t image that? Try it, right now! Input “GMAT” into Google search box, you will get the site (ranked #5) which is the official site for English as a foreign language test, not for graduate management admission test.

Links are sometimes not helpful to improve your rankings.

On the other hand, many webmasters have such experience that no matter how many outside links they got for their sites, it helps little in achieving satisfying position. The reason behind can be that web pages that link to their site are not indexed by Google, or are not relevant in content. It can also be that these links are determined by Google as reciprocal links solely to improve search ranking.

The above two facts seem to be paradoxical. They are not, however. As a matter of fact, Google tends to rank reputable sites in top positions. Also favored by Google search engine are those sites that were not manually optimized for higher search engine ranking. For most small business, the so-called reputation is not easy to build. But you can let your optimized site seem to be “naturally” built. The following are some actions you can take to do so beside meta tag and keyword rich text.

  • Do not create pages with excessive key words/phrases.

  • Keep your outgoing links on a given page fewer than 100.