Travel to Tanzania

Area: 945,087 km²
Residents: 57,310,019 (in 2017)
Population density: 61 E / km²
Form of Government: Federal Republic
System of Government: Presidential system
Neighboring countries: Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique
Capital: Dodoma National
language: Swahili (National language) as well as over 120 other languages

In the north and coastal area many Muslims, in the inland rather Christian, predominantly Catholic,
0.03% Jehovah’s Witnesses
Roads: Left-hand traffic
Currency: Tanzanian Shilling (TZS)
1 TZS = 100 cents
Exchange rates:
1 EUR = 2,742.08 TZS
1,000 TZS = 0.36 EUR
1 CHF = 2,475.51 TZS
1,000 TZS = 0.40 CHF
(rate from 10.03.2021)
Telephone area code: +255
Time zone: UTC + 3rd

Travel and Visa

Changed travel regulations during and after the corona pandemic

Before entering the country, a health form must be filled out that generates a “ Unique Health Code ” that must be presented upon entry. A negative PCR test, which must not be older than 72 hours, must be presented on entry. Travelers arriving from a country with a high number of infections (e.g. Germany) must undergo an additional rapid test upon arrival. The cost for this test is $ 25. A COVID-19 screening (fever measurement) takes place for all travelers upon arrival. People with COVID-19 symptoms may have another COVID-19 test. If the test is positive, a 14-day quarantine at home is mandatory.

A 14-day quarantine applies to travelers who have stayed in a country classified by the WHO as a mutation area (e.g. USA, India, Great Britain, South Africa) or have traveled through in the last 14 days. The quarantine for non-residents must be carried out in a state-selected accommodation at their own expense, residents can do this at home. People with COVID-19 symptoms may have another COVID-19 test. If the test result is positive, a 14-day home or state quarantine is mandatory. Visit campingship for Tanzania Travel Guide.

When leaving the country, some airlines regularly require a COVID-19 test, which can be carried out on site in hospitals or at the National Laboratory. It cannot be guaranteed that the test result will be available on time. Various cases have come to light in the past, according to which people who tested negative were tested positive when entering or transiting elsewhere.

Source: Federal Foreign Office on July 27, 2021

General provisions for travel and residence (until the corona pandemic)

Entry requirements for (almost) all foreigners:

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months
  • Residence permit (if applicable) or
  • Valid visa (if applicable – visa types described below)

Entry permit: If the entry requirements are complied with, a visitor will be issued with a visitor pass with a maximum validity of three months. You can apply for your visa online on the official website of the government of Tanzania:

Note: Having a visa does not mean final permission to enter Tanzania. The immigration officer at the point of entry can refuse entry if he is convinced that the visa holder cannot meet the entry requirements for immigration or if the presence of such a person is contrary to national interests or endangers security. There are the following types of visas:


This visa entitles you to single entry and for a stay of up to 3 months in Tanzania as a visitor or tourist. The visa application is made on the official website of Tanzania at The following documents must be submitted:

  • Applicant’s valid passport (at least 6 months)
  • Completed visa application
  • Completed declaration form
  • US $ 50 visa fee
  • 2 passport photos (for those submitting their applications through embassies)

Multiple entry visa

This visa entitles you to enter Tanzania multiple times within a period of 12 months, whereby the maximum length of stay of 3 months per visit may not be exceeded (departure and re-entry after 3 months). Fee: $ 100. The following documentsmust be submitted:

  • Completed visa application
  • Completed security bond
  • Valid passport copy of the invited participant
  • Three passport photos
  • Copy of valid passport or other identity (for a guest from Tanzania)
  • Company documents such as TIN, UST, registration certificate, certificate of incorporation, memorandum, etc.
  • Any other evidence that the applicant travels frequently to the United Republic of Tanzania


This visa is issued to foreigners for the following purposes:

  • Instruction and implementation of special tasks such as installation and repair of machines as well as short training courses
  • Implementation and monitoring of specialist tasks such as auditing and others
  • To conduct legal transactions in accordance with the laws of the country

To issue the visa, a letter from the Tanzania-based company must be presented in which the applicant is introduced and invited, the type of stay described and the business address in Tanzania given. The following documents must be submitted:

  • Valid passport
  • An employment contract or proof of the work / assignment that will be carried out within a period not exceeding three months
  • Visa fee of $ 250

Visa for transit (TRANSIT VISA)

This visa can be issued to a person to travel to any other destination outside of Tanzania for a maximum period of seven days. The applicant for this visa must have a visa from the destination country. The following documents must be submitted:

  • Copy of the applicant’s valid passport
  • An entry visa or an onward journey to the intended country of destination
  • US $ 30 visa fee
  • 2 passport photos (for those submitting their applications through embassies)

Students / Volunteers Visa

For this visa, a letter of invitation from the institution in Tanzania must be submitted along with the application. If the stay exceeds three months, a residence permit or a work permit must be applied for. Applications for residence permits should be sent to the Director of Immigration Services in Tanzania prior to entering Tanzania.

Import and export of pets / dogs

There are two different application forms for importing and exporting. A traveler who wants to import or export a pet / dog to Tanzania must apply to the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock via the State Secretary. The fees per pet for import are currently 30,000 TZS and for export 20,000 TZS (petition for importing pets).

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