Top Sights in Madrid, Spain

Madrid offers many exciting sights. If you only have one day in Madrid , you should not miss these top 3 sights:

Palacio Real

The landmark

According to ESHAOXING.INFO, the Palacio Real is one of the absolute highlights in Madrid.

You have the opportunity to visit around 50 rooms of the former residence of the Spanish royal family. Today the palace is used for state visits or for public events.

Las Ventas bullring

The largest in Spain

The bullring in Madrid is the largest in Spain and is one of the most popular attractions.

Even if you don’t want to watch a bullfight, it’s worth visiting the building from the inside and outside and letting it sink in.

Almudena Cathedral

Ornate Church

The ornate cathedral is directly opposite the Palacio Real.

In comparison, the cathedral is quite young, it was only completed in 1993.

Admission is free and you have a great view of the old town from the square in front of the cathedral.

The most beautiful museums in Madrid

Museo del Prado

Museum highlight

The Museo del Prado is one of the largest and most important art museums in the world.

Almost 8,000 works of art are exhibited there and you should not miss a visit on your trip to Madrid.

Thyssen Museum – Bornemisza

Art historical highlight

The museum is also often seen as a combination of the other two museums, you will find many works of art from the 13th-20th centuries. Century.

You can take a chronological walk through the history of art in the museum and admire art from different eras.

Reina Sofia Museum

modern art

Modern works of art by well-known artists such as Dalí, Miró and Picasso are exhibited in the Museo Reina Sofia.

In addition to many important works of art, you can admire Picasso’s well-known work Guernica , among other things.

The three top museums are also known as the Triangulo del Arte .

The best things to do in Madrid

Bernabeu Stadium

Visit Real Madrid’s famous stadium

The stadium of the well-known club is one of the largest football stadiums in Europe.

You can visit many parts of the arena and feel the special atmosphere – even if there is no football game going on.

The visit is an absolute highlight for football fans, but also very impressive for everyone else.

Retiro Park

Recharge your batteries in the countryside

The large park is right in the center and here you can relax after a long day in the city or in the museum.

You also have the option to paddle a small boat across the lake, visit the Velázquez Palace and the Glass Palace, or marvel at 400-year-old cypress trees.

Tapas tour

Enjoy tapas and wine

Tapas are simply delicious and even better when a real Madrileño shows you hidden places.

On a guided tour, you’ll try different tapas and drinks in the bars and learn more about the different places and traditional dishes from your guide.

Frequently asked questions about Madrid

When is the best time to travel to Madrid

What many people don’t know about Madrid is that the city can get very hot. Sure, the sun and warmth are great, but sightseeing at 40 degrees is just too much of a good thing.

In summer it is so hot that you no longer want to walk through the city in the blazing sun, while in the winter months it often only gets up to 10 degrees.

We therefore recommend that you take your city trip to Madrid in the months from April to June or September to October . Then it has pleasant temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees and rainy days are rare.

How much time should I plan for Madrid?

To explore the top sights in Madrid you need at least two full days . Madrid is therefore an ideal destination for a long weekend.

Of course you can also stay longer, because the more time you have, the more relaxed you can organize your sightseeing and immerse yourself in the different districts and the lifestyle of Madrid.

What should I pack for Madrid?

You don’t have to pack a lot for a city trip to Madrid. Less is more, especially in summer when it is very warm.

However, you should definitely think of a sunscreen with a sufficient sun protection factor and a hat is also very practical if you walk through Madrid in the blazing sun all day long.

Even in the evening, the temperatures are usually still very pleasant, a hoodie is enough to be on the safe side. You should also pack comfortable shoes, because you will be walking a lot when sightseeing in Madrid.

You don’t need an adapter for sockets.

Is Madrid dangerous?

Madrid is not a dangerous city. But similar to other tourist cities, for example Barcelona or Rome , there are many pickpockets. But if you follow a few simple tips, you can protect your belongings from thieves:

Be especially careful in very touristy places like Plaza Mayor, Puerta Alcalá or Plaza de Cibeles. Public transport is also a popular target for pickpockets.

Always carry your valuables close to your body, fanny packs are very practical and don’t let their looks fool you: pickpockets in Madrid even appear in suits and ties.

Don’t run after thieves, go to the police instead. A thief is seldom alone and you can quickly get yourself into a sticky situation.

Las Ventas bullring