The Importance of Search Engine Rankings

Why you should get top SE position? According to our stats, the top 10 ranked websites on search results constitutes to 72% of all clicks for a particular keyword search, 18% for second 10, and only 10% for those ranked after top 20 websites.

Getting a high search engine ranking means that you are almost done with your search engine marketing. Research shows that the first page ranking accounts for 92% traffic and there are less than 10% of users will click sites ranked in the second or later page.

For most small businesses, over 60% of their traffic comes from search engines. And only 40% make a direct request of their home page. In that case, to keep high rank on major search engines will bring over half of your traffic.

Our suggestion is that you try to seek as highest ranking as possible on Google, Yahoo and MSN, since these three consists of over 90% search queries. However, to get top position in PPC search engines can be very expensive. Some keywords bid over 30 U.S. dollars per click. That is a big money for most small companies. Even so, you can still get top rankings with modest budget. The secrets behind these is to define a highly targeted keywords. For example, you are selling web hosting service with Windows operating system. If you just define your keywords as web hosting or virtual hosting. Then you will have to pay $3 or $5 to get a click. However, if you carefully segmenting web hosting market, and it is easy to find a webmaster who use PHP script are simply not interested in your hosting service, and will never purchase. To get high ROI, you are wise to select specific keywords, such as windows web hosting, asp web hosting, etc. I believe, by doing so, you are going to save much money.

You can also consider other less competitive keywords, such as U.S. web hosting, unlimited subdomain hosting, etc. As a matter of fact, not all people use “wide” word to search. They tend to use highly specific keywords to feed their need. In this way, you can define a lists of keywords for a page, and another list for another page, and so on. In other words, you can just develop a lot of keywords, and put them in different pages. The more pages you have, the more traffic you will get. The bottom line is that every page should not contain duplicated content, but should have relevant and original content. Otherwise, your site may be penalized by search engines.

Even that, it is always good to keep your site’ content fresh. We suggest that you update your site on a weekly, at least monthly basis. You don’t need to completely revise your site. Rather, add some new content to your page. The search engine robot will remember it and visit your site frequently.