The Best Time to Go to Maldives

If you want to take a break from civilization, enjoy the peace and beauty of nature, then you definitely need to visit the Maldives.

Beautiful beaches, developed tourism, fishing, navigation, favorable climate, beautiful nature of the Indian Ocean – all this is increasingly attracting tourists. The mild climate allows vacationers to settle in bungalows overlooking the ocean. Corals, shells and pearls are mined near the coast and in the lagoons.

According to topschoolsintheusa, the flora and fauna of the Maldives is impressive. Coconut and banana palms, breadfruit grow everywhere. Diving lovers are waiting for coral reefs, where many fish, arthropods, and mollusks live.

Here you will hardly see cars. Any island can be crossed in 2-2.5 hours. Speedboats and gliders are the main mode of transport.

Attractions Maldives

  • Banana reef. This is a world famous diving site. Everything is here: rocks, caves, corals, predatory fish – a real find for diving enthusiasts.
  • Fish Head. This is one of the most famous diving sites. The main attraction are the numerous gray reef sharks.
  • Hukuru Misky. Mosque built in 1656. The building is made of coral stone. All the walls have a complex finish – they are carved with paintings from the Koran.
  • National Museum. This is a small part of what is left of the Sultan’s Palace. Here you can see the old interior of the palace.
  • Sultan Park. This is part of the palace complex. It is known for its huge variety of flowers and trees.
  • Male island. Architectural sights are concentrated here. Walking along the narrow streets of this eastern city, you can see: the Old Friday Mosque of the 17th century, the Khukhlumale Mosque, the Presidential Palace, the burial place of the sultans and much more.

Tourists also like to visit oriental markets (fruit, vegetable, fish). We can say that the oriental markets are also a landmark of this state.

The Maldives is famous for its large number of marine reserves. All of them are protected by the state. Diving enthusiasts admire the indescribable beauty of the Indian Ocean with delight.

When is the best time to go to the Maldives for a holiday?

These islands receive a large flow of tourists all year round. December to March is the dry season. It is then that New Year and Christmas holidays are celebrated. The cost of tours is 30-50% more expensive. In early December, in January, prices drop sharply.

When is the off season in the Maldives?

Tropical rains begin from May to October. Showers are short-lived, but strong waves and heavy winds can cause you minor inconvenience. The average annual water temperature is 27 degrees, and the air temperature is 30. At such a time, the prices for vouchers are very tempting – they are reduced by 1.5 times.

When is the best time to fly to the Maldives with a child?

The Maldives in winter is the perfect time to travel with a child. Winter is absolutely dry, which means you don’t have to worry about any colds. Many natural beauties, warm ocean, snow-white sand, an abundance of fruits – all this will give you pure pleasure.

Today it is an elite tourist destination, where there is no breathtaking architecture, but stepping on this fertile ground, you can be alone with yourself and immerse yourself in one of the heavenly corners of the planet.

The Best Time to Go to Maldives