The Basic Hosting Criteria

The criteria for choosing a general web host and a commercial web hosting solution are slightly different. E-commerce website requires a more reliable hosting with high up-time rate. However, there are not any web hosting companies around the world. Even if you are prepared to pay a huge price for your hosting needs, it does not guarantee that your host is good.

In addition to high up-time rate, the followings are some things you may want to look for when choosing a hosting company:
1. Large Bandwidth. You must have decent bandwidth. I would suggest the company has at least two T3 pipelines on their system.

2. SSL encryption. This allows for a secure shopping cart. This is a must for e-commerce sales. If you do not have a secure shopping cart, very few will buy from you.

3. One Gigabyte. At least one Gigabyte of (1024 MB) of available daily transfer. This will allow you to grow with your site and not have to worry about extra charges.