Tested Shaving Products Dr. Jones

Tested: Shaving Products Dr. Jones

The time of shaving can be complicated for a lot of people, especially if you, like me, has sensitive skin. And it is exactly for this reason that the majority of men is always in search of a product that makes the act of shaving more enjoyable.

Tested Shaving Products Dr. Jones

I received the line of shaving products brand of men’s cosmetics Dr. Jones and after a few days of testing, I give my opinion about the usage experience and the results obtained. See below:

Isotonic Face-Scrub – Facial Cleansing Gel (daily use)

Features: This gel cleanses and removes impurities from the face, preparing it for the shave. Use of sand of Bora Bora as microesfoliante natural, without harming the skin.

How to use: apply on the skin of the face rubbing, massaging gently, and rinsing soon after.

Result: the product is simple to use and has a good yield, the result is satisfactory, fulfilling what is promised by the manufacturer, ie, reduction of the greasiness, scrub and preparation for shaving. The fragrance is pleasant but not particularly striking, is very reminiscent of other male enhancement products available in the market.

Price: R$34,90 – buy here


Precision bass Foam – Shaving Foam-Moisturizing

Features: foam-shave Dr. Jones is dense and creamy, moisturizing and reducing the oiliness, for the promise of a skin without irritation due to its active biofunctional properties, calming and soothing.

How to use: shake well packaging, moisten the face and apply the foam with your fingers in the entire region of the beard.

Result: the thick foam makes the razor glide, and consequently provoked the least, even so, as I have very sensitive skin, there were some points of redness, but nothing absurd. After shaving the skin was hydrated and fresh, with a feeling very pleasant.

Note: the brand claims that this product also serves to shave other areas of the body.

Price: R$32,90 – buy here


Recharge After-Shave Gel, After Shave Energizing

Features: as well as the shaving foam, has assets biofunctional that soften and moisturize the skin, as well as reduce the redness and irritation.

How to use: apply on dry skin of the face and neck, do not rinse and leave to dry naturally.

Result: as I already said, I have very sensitive skin, it is almost impossible to do the shaving without getting your face or neck irritated and the results obtained with the shaving foam of Dr. Jones until they were minimal compared with other brands, but even so the blade has left some areas reddish. Here comes this post, the beard that was the product that I liked of the 3, with its odor discreet, good income, fast application, in addition to feeling nice and refreshing that ended up with irritation.

Price: 39,90 – shop here



The cost benefit makes it recommend these 3 products from Dr. Jones. I admit that the result was not 100% satisfactory, but still well within expectations and well above of the various brands in the market. It is also good to remember that the assessment has been made in view of the use of the products in the set, as indicated by the manufacturer, separately they may work differently.