Taiwan Agriculture and Fishing Overview


Agriculture was Taiwan’s most important export sector in the 1950s but no longer plays an important role in the economy.

Small family farms dominate. Agriculture is intensive and highly efficient. One quarter of the land area is cultivable year-round, with two and in their places even three harvests per year. Nearly half of the cultivated area is occupied by rice. Sugarcane, vegetables and fruits are also grown. Bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, mangoes and pineapples are among the most common products. Pigs and chicken account for most of the animal food.

  • CountryAAH: Comprehensive import regulations of Taiwan. Covers import prohibitions and special documentation requirements for a list of prohibited items.

Taiwan also imports large quantities of wheat, maize and soybeans. For Taiwan defense and foreign policy, please check recipesinthebox.

Fishing is an important part of the agricultural sector while the forest industry is of little importance.



Taiwan loses ally in Africa

December 26

The small African island nation of São Tomé and Príncipe, which has recognized Taiwan since 1997, is now completely transforming and establishing diplomatic relations with China. Taiwan says that São Tomé has demanded a huge sum of money to continue to choose Taiwan over China and that Taiwan has refused to agree to it. Following São Tomé’s ouster, Taiwan has only diplomatic relations with 21 countries in the world, two of which are in Africa.

Step towards same-sex marriage

December 26

A parliamentary committee approves a bill that will allow same-sex couples to marry. Opponents of the amendment are gathered outside Parliament in connection with the vote and demand that the proposal be submitted to a referendum. If the law is approved in upcoming treatments – a process that is expected to take about six months – Taiwan will become the first country in Asia to recognize same-sex marriage.

Phone call between Trump and Tsai

December 3

That US President Donald Trump chooses to answer President Tsai’s phone call violates US diplomatic practice since 1979, when the United States established its “China policy,” broke official relations with Taiwan and severed ties with the People’s Republic of China instead. China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi fades the importance of the telephone call by calling it “a little trick” from Taiwan’s President Tsai. Shortly thereafter, however, China makes a written complaint to the US government. The White House responds by assuring China that it does not intend to deviate from a China policy.


President Tsai apologizes to indigenous peoples for rights violations

August 3rd

It is a public apology on behalf of Taiwan addressed to 16 recognized groups of indigenous people. Tsai promises that a commission will be set up to order justice and that indigenous peoples will be given more self-determination and land rights as well as greater opportunities to preserve their languages.


Over 20 are damaged in train explosion

July 8

At least 24 people are injured in an explosion on board a commuter train in Taipei. It is unclear if the explosion was caused by an accident or an attack.


Beijing terminates diplomatic cooperation

The two semi-official “offices” that conducted talks and negotiations between Taiwan and China interrupt their cooperation and communication.


Tsai Ing-wen assumes new president

May 20

She is the first woman on this post.

Mass murderer executed

May 10

A man convicted of multiple murders is executed without his family or defense lawyer being informed in advance.


Taiwan accuses China of “kidnapping” Taiwanese people

45 Taiwanese are requested to be extradited by Beijing from Kenya. They are suspected of being involved in a fraud linked to telecom businesses. About twenty Taiwanese have already been released in legal proceedings in Kenya. The Taiwanese will now face trial in China. The Taiwan government criticizes Beijing for violence and rudeness in connection with the deportation and calls for the suspected citizens to be sent home. Beijing, in turn, criticizes Taiwan for not respecting the principle of China.


Powerful earthquake

6th of February

An earthquake reported to have magnitude 6.4 on the Richter scale affects the city of Tainan City. 116 people die and many are injured when a skyscraper collapses. An investigation should investigate whether any errors were committed when the house was built.

DPP’s first President

February 2

Taiwan’s new legislative yuan opens after the parliamentary elections. The President is appointed DPP’s Su Jian-chyuan. This is the first time a DPP member will become President.


The President visits the disputed island

January 28

Ma Ying-jeou visits Taiping / Itu Aba in the Spratly archipelago. The island is administered by Taiwan, but China, Vietnam and the Philippines also claim it. The island has 180 inhabitants, most of them employed by the coast guard.

Roll victory for DPP

In the presidential election on January 16, 2016, the Democratic Progressive Party’s Tsai Ing-wen won 56 percent of the vote, compared to 31 percent for KMT’s Eric Chu. The DPP also wins the parliamentary elections with clear obesity and gets 68 seats in the legislative yuan.

Taiwan Agriculture and Fishing