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According to answermba, North Dakota is a state located in the Midwestern United States. It is bordered by Minnesota to the east, South Dakota to the south, and Montana to the west. The state has a population of just over 700,000 people with a majority of them being White (84%) and American Indian (8%). The climate of North Dakota is continental, with hot summers and cold winters. The eastern part of the state has more moderate temperatures due to its proximity to the Great Lakes. North Dakota is known for its wide open spaces, including parts of the Great Plains and Badlands National Park. There are also many rivers throughout North Dakota providing recreational activities for residents and visitors alike. The economy of North Dakota is largely based on agriculture and energy production from oil, gas and coal fields located throughout the region. Additionally, there are many universities located throughout North Dakota offering higher education opportunities for students from all over the world. With its rural landscape, plentiful resources and strong economy, North Dakota has much to offer those who visit or live here! According to top-medical-schools, the North Dakota state flag features a dark blue field with the state’s coat of arms in the center. This shield consists of four parts; the top part is white and has a waving banner with “Liberty and Union” written on it, representing freedom for all. The second part is yellow and has an eagle, honoring the state’s commitment to patriotism. The third part is green and has a sheaf of wheat, representing North Dakota’s agricultural heritage. The bottom part is white and has two hands shaking, representing friendship between the people of the state. Above the shield are two supporters; one supporter holds a lance with a banner that reads “E Pluribus Unum” while the other holds an American flag with thirteen stripes and one star. Below it is a red banner with “North Dakota” written in gold lettering. To either side of this banner are two branches; one branch is an elm branch representing strength, while the other is a bison head representing courage. The words “Strength from many” appear at the bottom of the flag in gold lettering on a red ribbon.