How To Make Jewelry With Macrame

Macrame is an ancient art that is the development of jewellery and decoration through knots. Comes from the Middle East, the Arab peoples introduced them for hundreds of years in Europe. It has arrived to the Caribbean footballer! The typical hammocks of the lands bathed by the sea are made using this technique.

Latest Jewelry Trends India

It will be that the first ray of sun already feels the nearest summer, the salt on your skin and the desire to dress lighter and why not to discover a bit’. That the holidays will no longer seem a mirage so far away, but rather the desire to know distant countries and cultures already looks […]

Alexander McQueen Skull Obsession

The symbol of ‘summer 2010? The skulls, definitely. A macabre symbol of memento mori that always fascinated designers and ordinary mortals, but that in recent months more than ever has been cleared through customs as a symbol of fashion par excellence. Alexander McQueen in recent months has often been remembered as the king of skulls: we at Fashion pour Femme we have always insisted that a […]

Beautiful Sandals From Giuseppe Zanotti

Even Gwyneth Paltrow gives way to the charm of the creations of Giuseppe Zanotti, like so many others before her celebrity, models, actresses, Italian singers and especially overseas adore the stylist and consider him one true genius, and not only in the field of footwear , area where Zanotti is definitely among the most popular in the world, […]