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Iraq Ecological Problems

The national flag of Iraq

The first city-states in history developed around the Euphrates and Tigris. On its shores, most of Iraq’s cities grew large and prosperous over the centuries. In the past century, increasing urbanization also posed challenges for nature. History & State The…
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Iraq Everyday Life

Iraq Money and money transfer

Mass protests, anti-terror struggle and bumpy reconstruction. Seventeen years after the Iraq war, everyday life is very different depending on the place and milieu. Supply bottlenecks for electricity and water are the order of the day for most regions. In…
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Living in Iraq

Streets of the capital Iraq

Housing and supply The situation on the housing market, which has been very tense for a long time, is visibly improving in the country. However, there are many more offers to buy than to rent. When renting out, you should…
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Iraq Media and Internet

Iraq Tangled cables in Erbil

Media landscape After the fall of the Ba’ath regime, an incredibly diverse media landscape developed within a very short time, which spanned print, television, blogs and radio. In 2007, MICT documented the media makers’ first steps into the new open…
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Travel to Iraq

Iraq Baghdad Airport

Entry and residence regulations Due to the generally very precarious security situation in Iraq, there has been an official travel warning from the Federal Foreign Office for years. “As early as the beginning of October 2019, riots and violent clashes…
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Iraq Health

Iraq Work on a prosthesis

The Iraqi health system was one of the better in the Arab world until the early 1980’s. Iraqi paediatricians had an outstanding reputation and the medical faculties of Mosul or Baghdad were well known in the Middle East. The health…
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Iraq Society

Traffic jam in Baghdad Iraq

Estimated GDP: 234.1 billion USD (World Bank 2020) Income per capita: 5841 USD (World Bank 2020) Human Development Rank (HDI): Rank 120 out of 189 (UNDP 2018) Proportion of poverty: 22.5% (World Bank 2020) Distribution of income (Gini coefficient): 29.5…
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Iraq Social Structure

Iraq Social Structure

Social overview Despite the economic difficulties and the lack of security, Iraq has a very young and growing population. According to Statistica’s collection of statistics on the age structure, 58.7% of Iraqis are younger than 24. A good third of…
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Iraq Culture and Religion

Iraq Mosque, Najaf

Iraqi society is on the move – sometimes in very different directions. How well and how long the bond can withstand this is a test for the future. Alphabetized adults: 86% (estimated, World Bank 2017) Religions: Islam: 97%, Christianity <2%…
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Iraq Education

Child in Baghdad Iraq

Formerly celebrated as the regional beacon of literacy and academization, Iraq has seen a rising illiteracy rate for several years. UNESCO estimates that around 22% of adults have never gone to school. The trend continues, with more than 90% of…
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Iraq Foreign Policy

Sports for Development in Northern Iraq

Foreign policy According to payhelpcenter, Iraq maintains diplomatic relations with all of its neighbors. After a phase of diplomatic stagnation, relations with Turkey and Saudi Arabia are stabilizing. Saudi Arabia has had an ambassador in Baghdad again since 2016. International…
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Iraq Economic Overview

Iraqi Dinar

The economic situation at a glance The economic development in Iraq is difficult. Politically and in terms of security, the prognoses are worse than ever. In addition, since spring 2020 there have been restrictions imposed by the country due to…
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Iraq Domestic Politics

Iraq President Barham Salih

Iraqi domestic politics is still dominated by the following thematic blocks: security, reconstruction and basic services, the fight against corruption and resource allocation. As different as the topics seem, they are systemically linked. After the victory against the so-called Islamic…
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Iraq Government Structure

Mustafa Al-Kazemi - Iraqi Prime Minister

State structure and constitution Under the 2005 Constitution, Iraq is a democratic, federal and parliamentary republic. The national parliament has 329 seats for the first time since May 2018. 9 seats are given to minorities. At 25%, the proportion of…
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Iraq Recent History II

Mongols besieged Baghdad in 1258

In the early years of the occupation, evidence of abuse in Abu Ghraib prison came to light. American soldiers were visible in it, how they torture and humiliate Iraqi prisoners. Numerous media and popular protests follow. In court cases, some…
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Iraq Recent History I

Minaret of the Great Mosque in Samarra

Independence and Rise of the Ba’ath Party In 1948, the British-Iraqi alliance was renewed in the Treaty of Portsmouth. But in 1958 there was a revolution of the “free officers”, King Faisal II and other members of the royal family…
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Iraq Early History

Ishtar Gate Pergamon Museum Berlin

Mesopotamia Mesopotamia is considered the cradle of numerous cultures. Archaeological finds from Mesopotamia are dated to the 11th millennium BC. dated. First languages and scripts develop in the 4th millennium BC. Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian and Babylonian cities and empires are…
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Iraq Geography

Location of Iraq

Iraq is not getting out of the headlines. But these alone do not do justice to the country, in all its diversity and dynamism. Because Iraq has a lot more to offer. This portal would like to give a few…
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