How to Make Yogurt in Iogurteira

How to Make Yogurt in Iogurteira

Learn different ways of making yogurt in iogurteira. We chose four recipes of yoghurt to make at home, namely: natural yogurt, yogurt with gelatin, yogurt with jam and yogurt with fruit. All the recipes are different, but delicious and very simple and quick to make. Risk and delight! Of yoghurt natural to yogurt with fruit, passing by the yogurt with […]


The week has started well: Brazil beating Chile! Will #bra! But here in FF I decided to show a “do it yourself” that there’s still time to make and display for next weekend’s! Actually, I got the idea from GWSmag, at first the DIY was a paste; After the Marcéli of Mad About Fashion had the idea of making a bracelet with […]

Head Jewelry

Very particularly british, the headdress as a Fascinator is known. At the latest since Kate & William’s wedding we know that caps and hats in all shapes and colors are still an important element of British celebrations. And no matter whether retro or quite modern, I find a great headpiece is every woman, both with long or […]

19 Walls Makes You Surprised

Them walls our houses are often represent important areas because they carry great part of the responsibility of giving our spaces a personality and character defined. Somehow, we could say that the walls of our House are a reflection of our souls. We tend to decorate walls with painting, paper wallpaper, pictures, photographs and many […]

How To Make Jewelry With Macrame

Macrame is an ancient art that is the development of jewellery and decoration through knots. Comes from the Middle East, the Arab peoples introduced them for hundreds of years in Europe. It has arrived to the Caribbean footballer! The typical hammocks of the lands bathed by the sea are made using this technique.