Mobile Antivirus - Do You Really Need It?

Mobile Antivirus – Do You Really Need It?

Using a Windows computer without antivirus is something simply unimaginable these days. The great popularity of the Microsoft operating system makes virus writers focus on making viruses for Windows, which has a much higher potential audience. This explains in parts the lower incidence of computer viruses in other operating systems. It is also important to note that Unix-based […]

Nexus Smartphones from HTC Confirmed

The fact that HTC is still to make at least until 2017 the Nexus smartphones for Google, is practically an open secret. After all, there should also be a regular contract. Nevertheless, rumors about the Nexus generation 2016 were not exclusive to HTC coin. The manufacturer from Taiwan has now registered with the American licensing authority FCC both models for […]

All Time Charts: Mobile Phones (Update)

A growing market… I would like to present our readers a new part of our all-time-charts series in line with the opening of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona ( Joerg reported ). So what mobile phones have now sold at Cyberport over the last few years? Normally, I wanted to make a separation between pure mobile phones and smartphones, since […]