South Carolina Geography and History

You get a real Southern Experience in the beautiful state of South Carolina. This state is often mentioned in the same breath as adventure and beauty. A combination of these two words is a promise for your South Carolina vacation. Travel to South Carolina and let yourself be seduced by the diverse nature and the hospitality of the inhabitants!

According to deluxesurveillance, South Carolina’s nickname is Palmetto State. The state was given this nickname because the state tree of South Carolina is a palm tree species, namely the Sabal Palmetto. This palm grows on the coast and can grow up to 20 meters in length! The state of South Carolina is located in the north of southern USA. A beautiful state located on the east coast of the United States. The state was given the name South Carolina during the English rule. The name refers to Charles I, the father of the then incumbent British King Charles II.

On May 23, 1788, South Carolina became the eighth state to join the United States. Columbia is the capital of South Carolina and the state has a population of approximately 4.5 million. Greenville and Charleston are two other major cities in South Carolina.

History of South Carolina

According to electronicsmatter, less than a century after South Carolina joined the US, in 1860, it became the first state to secede from the United States and join the Confederate. As in Alabama, African Americans were given more rights after the American Civil War. Yet racism and racial segregation were the order of the day for a long time. Although they were in the vast majority, African Americans were dominated. For example, they were not allowed to vote together with poor white people.

Thanks to the flourishing agriculture of cotton, in particular, South Carolina was a successful textile state in the 20th century for a long time. In recent years, the textile industry has declined somewhat as it focuses more on more profitable activities such as the automotive industry and tourism.


To the north, the state borders North Carolina, to the west and south Alabama and the Savannah River. To the east, the Atlantic Ocean forms the natural boundary. On the coast are port cities such as Georgetown and Charleston. In terms of climate, South Carolina is a quintessentially southern state. Particularly inland, the climate is subtropical with muggy but hot summers.

The North

The landscape of South Carolina is overwhelmingly beautiful. Starting in the north in ‘the Upcountry’, you find yourself in hilly, wooded area. ‘Upstate’ is where the Blue Ridge Mountains are located. Sassafras Mountain is the highest point with its 1085 meters. The nature here is beautiful and there are a number of parks here that have to protect nature.

White water

Whitewater or white water rivers can be recognized by the rapids and the white color. You can find them in mountainous and hilly areas, as long as the landscape is sloping. They are ideal for rafting because of the enormous power and speed with which the river makes its way through the landscape. The mountainous north is the land of waterfalls and whitewater rivers. South Carolina residents themselves believe that everyone who visits the state should have rafted the Chattooga River at least once!

And if they are right! The so-called whitewater rafting on this wild river with its enormous rapids will certainly give you an adrenaline rush! The area is also known for its many waterfalls. Between the cliffs, the water plunges tens of meters into the depth.


Country South Carolina’s mid-region is home to beautiful rivers such as Lake Murray and Lake Marion, which are a must-visit if you’re into fishing. In addition, on a warm day you can enjoy water skiing, hiking and mountain biking on one of the specially constructed paths. Enjoy!

Black water

In South Carolina you have whitewater rivers, but also blackwater rivers. Characteristics of such a river is that the water is rather dark in colour. They are often deep but calm rivers that flow through swampy areas. Central South Carolina is known for its beautiful rivers. The rivers around the capital are popular because of the kayak and canoe trips you can make there. Especially the blackwater river Edisto is very popular for such trips. The Edisto runs 330 kilometers through the South Carolina landscape and is undamaged in any place.

The coast

The beaches of South Carolina are very popular among Americans, but quite unknown outside of it are the beaches of South Carolina. Picture this: Endless, pristine white sandy beaches where you don’t have to encounter a living soul for hours, except for a stray sea turtle or crab. If you prefer to be surrounded by people, this is no problem either. There are a number of places on the South Carolina coast where you can’t escape the crowds and have attractions everywhere. Grand Strand and Myrtle Beach in particular are an example of this.

Myrtle Beach

Golf courses, five star hotels, an endless boulevard. These are slogans that fit a seaside resort like Myrtle beach. The town is part of Grand Strand, a coastal area in northern South Carolina, which includes several beaches. What makes Myrtle beach the ideal place for family vacations are the amenities. In the field of gastronomy, nightlife and other attractions you will not be short of anything here!


In general, South Carolina is a state with an average amount of precipitation per year. On the coast it rains quite a lot, especially in summer. The climate is humid and hot with temperatures around 30 degrees. In the coastal area, winters are mild with about 16 degrees, with the temperature occasionally dropping below freezing. In winter there is rarely snow, which is more common is sleet.

Also not uncommon are tropical storms and hurricanes during the so-called ‘hurricane season’, which runs from June to November. It’s certainly not the state best known for it, but be aware:. If you cruise along the coast of this beautiful state you could just get a tropical storm or a severe thunderstorm on your roof!

South Carolina Geography