Sony Xperia Z Already Appears The Leg to Our Country with Vodafone

It is perhaps the device with more tradition in this beginning of the year, one of the most anticipated, and although we are still almost a month of his arrival, already anticipated all the details of the launch in Spain of the new Sony Xperia Z. However, missing details about, and it is that Sony announced negotiations with several operators, but still we did not have these details.

Of the hand of our colleagues from Engadget Mobile, we have the announcement of the first carrier that will include the new vessel Sony logo in its catalogue, which is none other than Vodafone, an operator that has always been committed to Android smartphones and in particular with the best of Sony.

The announcement of the launch with Vodafone not forward marketing dates, Although counting that it will come on Feb. 25 in exclusive sales channels from Sony, probably start his career with the operator from March, and as we all know, Vodafone will not directly subsidize the terminal.

Prices however does not cease to be attractive, because Vodafone valued terminal portability to new high No permanence at 520 euros, that will be the price for not want to bind the confusing new rates of the Red operator.

Starting from there, the terminal may be purchased more cheap always with a stay of 24 months, starting from 149 euros with a fee of 30 euros a month, the Base 1, to 0 euros with rate network 2, of 80 euros per month, which includes 3 GB with card multi-device.

You have more information on the source of the news, Engadget Mobile, even if we open the debate, do you seem exaggerated prices?