Sights of Winterberg, Germany

The municipality of Winterberg is located in the district of Hoogsauerland. Winterberg is mainly known as a winter sports resort, where mainly Dutch and Germans hope to be able to stand on their skis during the winter sports season. Because Winterberg is only 668 meters above sea level, there is always the chance that nature will let Winterberg down a bit and snow cannons have to provide white slopes.

Outside the ski season, Winterberg is popular among active holidaymakers who come here for hiking or cycling. The Dutch mainly choose Hotel Der Brabander, Landal Winterberg and Centerparcs Hochsauerland as accommodations for their stay in or around Winterberg.

Winterberg ‘s Top 10 Things to Do

#1. Skiing
According to DICTIONARYFORALL.COM, Winterberg has many areas with mountains that you can ski from. The most famous are Ruhrquelle, Shnehang, Kappe, Snowworld Züschen, Postwiese Neuastenberg, Langewiese and Skiliftkarussell Winterberg. There are often ski schools on the slopes themselves.

#2. Mountain biking
The mountainous area of ​​Winterberg and the surrounding area is ideal for cycling. There are various tours with various routes on a total length of 1140 km, you can go completely ‘free’ here. Here you will find all possibilities for the experienced and motivated athlete, as well as for the recreational user. The Bike Arena Winterberg is a beautiful park that is well known among mountain bikers.

#3. Kletterwald
Do you feel like balancing between heaven and earth? In the Kletterwald Winterberg you can take a beautiful climb and clamber course at a height of one to no less than eleven meters.

#4. Ski jump of St. Georg
Throughout the year, talented ski jumpers can practice their skills on the jump of St. George. Championships are also regularly held here.

#5. Salt caves
Anyone who thinks that salt is almost exclusively used in food and as a pesticide against slippery road should take a look at the salt caves of Winterberg. Learn and experience how salt can contribute to a healthy life.

#6. Panorama
Bridge The Panorama Erlebnis Brücke offers a combination of activities (climbing and hiking) combined with a beautiful panoramic view of Winterberg. In the summer months you can see green mountains, in the winter months you can see the skiers and snowboarders below you going down the black slope on the last part of the bridge. The accompanying Panorama Restaurant is also worth a visit.

#7. Amusement park Fortfun
The family amusement park Fort Fun Abenteuerland is located about twenty kilometers from the heart of Winterberg. The park is open from mid-April to early November. Roller coasters, water slides, beautiful views, impressive shows and even more attractions ensure that young and old can enjoy themselves here for a whole day.

#8. Astentoren
On the mountain “Kahler Asten” an even more beautiful panorama can be seen. From the platform on the Astentoren you can see very far, especially in clear weather this is really worth a try. It is popular to get married at the Astenturm. In this way, the unforgettable day also provides a unique photo album.

#9. Summer toboggan
run Anyone who thinks that tobogganing is a winter sport par excellence should visit the summer toboggan run in Winterberg. Via bends and jumps, you can complete the 700-meter descent on this snow-covered toboggan run in no time.

#10. Winter
Sports Museum In the Westdeutches Winter Sports Museum you can view the history and development of ski sports in the Hochsauerland region. It is instructive to see how skis are made and with what kind of material people used to conquer the snowy slopes.

Winterberg, Germany