Sights in Astana, Kazakhstan

Today, Asian countries can surprise with the scale of cultural development, architectural uplifts, entertainment programs and natural wonders.

According to top-medical-schools, the capital of Kazakhstan stands out for its young, progressive and very attractive areas for tourists. The photo, of course, shows a lot of interesting places in Astana, but seeing them on your own, your idea of ​​​​Kazakhstan will change.

Modern architecture

Traveling around Astana means getting to know the culture of Kazakhstan, the unchanging traditions that have been embodied in beautiful buildings and structures worthy of the highest praise.

Among the interesting sights of Astana, it is important to highlight Baiterek, as a real symbol of the city. This tall Tree of Life from folklore has become a grandiose monument, a symbol of peace and goodness. It is installed in the very heart of Astana.

Many history-inspired projects surprise with previously unthinkable elements. Among the beautiful buildings, the Palace of Peace and Accord occupies a special place.

This building is made in the form of a pyramid, but unlike the Egyptian models, it is equipped with huge concert halls, galleries and greenhouses. Such a skillful creation of the architect beckons with a bright fire at night and a warm welcome during the day.

If you want to explore the magnificent terrain, sights and religion of Kazakhstan, you should not be upset. Now every guest of the country has the opportunity to see the whole of Astana in miniature by visiting the excursion at the Ak Orda Presidential Palace. In addition, a detailed layout of the entire country is presented in the Atameken complex.

Astana: rest for body and soul

Astana’s strong historical heritage is adorned with numerous sculptures and monuments scattered throughout the city.

Connoisseurs of high art after tiring walks around the capital can go to the Russian Drama Theater. Gorky. Incredibly popular is the National Opera and Ballet Theater of K. Baiseitova. And, of course, don’t forget to discover the Khazret Sultan Mosque.

But modern youth is attracted by the huge entertainment center MEGA, where you can stock up on souvenirs from Kazakhstan.

Pay attention to the modern Astana Circus. The building itself resembles a space dish, and inside it is filled with ultra-modern technology, thanks to which the performances lure both young guests and adults.

You can appreciate the peculiarities of the cuisine of Kazakhstan or enjoy original Asian treats in almost any restaurant in Astana. The diversity of the local offer will appeal to any gourmet, and the prices for delicious new items are affordable for any traveler.

Modern Astana is a great place for cultural recreation, learning new ideas and religions. The friendly atmosphere of the city will remain in your heart for a long time.

Sights in Astana, Kazakhstan