Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-Advanced Is Filtered in The Gallery “Unboxing”

We already knew of its existence by previous leaks, although Samsung still had not submitted it officially. It is now, not in an official way but unofficial, and is that we bring you the first real pictures of the Samsung Galaxy S4 vitaminized.

As we all know, the device will come to South Korea with the SK-Telecom operator for LTE-Advanced, improve main, although we do not know if you transferred borders finally.

The so-called real LTE doubles the speed of transmission of the LTE that is beginning their deployment in Spain, so it is not a trivial improvement. However, Samsung not has left nothing in the pipeline, so I also confirmed the improvement of the chipset, which will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 as that will premiere on the market the Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

The chosen colours are the most striking range, and it is that Samsung It will sell the Galaxy S4 LTE-Advanced in Blue Artic and Red Aurora. The design of the device does not vary with respect to the S4 Galaxy, and not the rest of specifications, although Yes we will see the logo of the LTE-A rear.

We leave you with photos of the two models, although you have the complete gallery on the source link: