LED Lighting, New Campaign in Group EMOPA

EMOPA In The COPE. LED Lighting And Energy Saving With EMOPA! Once Again We Are Committed To The Radio To Reach You. On this occasion we have chosen Cadena Cope to accompany you in the mornings to work by the hand of Carlos Herrera, the afternoons hope match you at homecoming in The flashlightprogram.

Iphone and Ipod Touch

Brothers in Arms 2, crossword puzzles and angry birds Whether iPhone and iPod touch are excellent game consoles, can certainly be aptly discussed.The hardcore gamer is perhaps better served with a PSP, but the normal gamer, which wants to gamble between times, is certainly not around the iPhone and around the app store around. Small games […]

Beats Audio Is Done with MOG by 14 Million Dollars

The rumors that emerged during the month of March that aimed to HTC could have bought the MOG music streaming service through its subsidiary Beats Audio They seem to have been made a reality as a result of the press release disseminated by the companies involved in the agreement. However, what initially could be understood as the […]

Sleeping Bags or Linens?

The cold arrives and our baby bedtime should be fully protected. Many babies tend to sleep almost without uncover you and not move for many hours, but often not normal, because a large majority change of position, they move, they uncover… by what parents don’t know only too well whether purchasing a sleeping bag or traditionally make […]

The Marco Polo Cityguides

The guide for the iPhone (iPod touch) In the past, printed guides have always belonged to every tour-whether “Lonley Planet”, “ADAC travel guide” or “Marco Polo”. These included always up-to-date tips and hints, which are necessary for a successful trip or a weekend trip. But today, for example, we have a device with the iPhone and all […]

Next Round: Apps for Iphone and Ipod Touch

First-hand recommendations At this point, there are repeated instances of some app tips. They should help with the orientation, with the almost countless number of programs for the iPhone or the iPod touch certainly very useful. Format126 (Free): Format126 is a photo editing app for iPhone, but not any application, but with a historical background. Previously (in the 60s) […]