Maternity Dresses

There are times of the year that are full of parties, like in the summer we expect Christmas, New Year’s Eve, graduations and even several wedding invitations, because it is when the temperature is hot and ideal for the bride to play in the most beautiful dresses.

Youtube App Gets Livestream Feature

What is already cold coffee for Facebook is now synonymous within the YouTube app follow: Livestreams have been a couple of years on YouTube Gang and Gäbe, but the Android App was gone with this function so far empty. That should change now. Soon you should be able to record and send your videos live directly from the smartphone. So […]

Motocross Track and Equipment

For those who want to get started in off road motorcycling, first of all, you need to have a suitable bike, of course. But in addition to the bike, the beginner has to be aware that only with the bike he will not practice motocross, supercross, enduro, rally or even a weekend trilhinha if you […]

Dresses Worn by Kate Middleton Pregnant 3

Dresses Worn by Kate Middleton Pregnant

Kate Middleton, Prince William’s wife, is a reference in the world of fashion. She seeks to use clothes and stylish accessories, without exaggerating in the productions. Since the pregnancy of the Duchess of Cambridge went public, their looks went on to dictate trends among pregnant women. With 31 years of age, Kate Middleton is preparing to be the mother […]

Nexus Smartphones from HTC Confirmed

The fact that HTC is still to make at least until 2017 the Nexus smartphones for Google, is practically an open secret. After all, there should also be a regular contract. Nevertheless, rumors about the Nexus generation 2016 were not exclusive to HTC coin. The manufacturer from Taiwan has now registered with the American licensing authority FCC both models for […]

Pajamas Party

Long ago pipocaram in street style sites-especially in the gringos-pictures of super stylish women wearing silk pajamas on the streets. At that time it seemed like something so far from our reality, something to be used only during the fashion weeks, and look there!

Just Mobile Gum Pro

The iPhone socket for the road… After I had read the report on different iPhone/iPod batteries , I realized that I would follow the recommendation and buy the Just Mobile Gum Pro. Why two months between this decision and the implementation lie is, for me is not really understandable, because my iPhone has an annoying extra: It always shines! It once fell on the […]