Sports: How To Use The Top Piece Of The Academy In Looks To The Day To Day | Office Fashion

The flirtation between the sports and daily life is increasingly serious, no one doubts. So much so that even some pieces before restricted to purely sporting environments, like the tops of exercises, reach the streets. One of the new darlings of the fashionistas, the tops appear as prominent elements in different combinations for different environments, […]

Interview! Sweetheart Of Popstars, Fashion Designer Jeremy Scott Talks About Relationship With Madonna, Katy Perry And Lexter

While many designers turn up their nose at everything that is popular, Jeremy Scott takes ownership of consumer icons to give life to his creations. The Barbie doll, drawing The Simpsons and even fast food McDonalds flipped over issues of their collections, both for the brand that takes your name and Moschino, designer who runs […]

Mademoiselle collection-2015 Summer of Tannerie

Tannerie Mademoiselle 2015 Summer Collection The Tannerie, brand of women’s clothing that is in increasing development, has just released a new collection of your spring and summer 2015, titled Mademoiselle, inspired by the modern women that even with many commitments, not careless of appearance and are always elegant and with a lot of composure. Check […]