Nis, Serbia

Once you have chosen to go on holiday and tourist in Nis, this will be a city in Serbia located in the southern part of the country. This will be the third largest city in Serbia, with a population of just under 200,000 inhabitants. The whole of Nis has a land area of ​​almost 600 square kilometers, which means that you will find many different things to see and discover when choosing this destination. When you choose to go to Nis and Serbia, you will have many advantages as a Swedish traveler.

  • Here, your Swedish driving license will be valid when renting a car, which means that you can book this even before departure so you will find it easier to get around this city and its surroundings.
  • The electricity is the same, which means that you as a Swede can take everything from laptop and mobile phone to your shaver and just plug it in without having to bring an adapter to make this possible.
  • The large availability of fast Internet connections makes it very easy to keep in touch with everyone at home, which also makes it possible to send your latest photos and video clips so they can instantly see what you have in store for you.

Hotels and accommodation in Nis

Regarding hotels and accommodation in Nis, you will find a selection of over 150 different hotels and smaller motels as well as guest houses. Here, this city will always be able to offer good and acceptable accommodation for all types of travelers. If you travel with a backpack on your back and a minimal budget, you will find accommodation in smaller guesthouses from only SEK 250 per night. When it comes to couples and whole families and the elderly who want the class of a real hotel, there are price ranges from around SEK 600 per night and up.

Things to explore in Nis

When you go on vacation, there are always things you want to see. The most popular attractions in Nis are:

  • Nis Fortress: Just like in the capital Belgrade, this will be a landmark like a fort that for hundreds of years protected the city from intrusion.
  • Mediana: Here you will find perhaps the oldest place in Nis. This gigantic archeological site for excavation, will give you very interesting information that dates back to the heyday of the Roman Empire.
  • Bubanj memorial Park ==

This large and interesting park, with a lot of forest, will also give you lots of information about what happened in Serbia during World War II.

Nightlife in Nis

Maybe Nis will not be the ultimate party town on earth. If it’s really a party you want, you also stay one night in Belgrade, where they really know how to party all night. In any case, there are different choices in Nis as well. Here you will find Diskoteka Studio and CuboClub which are the two hottest nightclubs. If you are looking to find some good drinks and nice relaxation, you will always find this at one of the many bars and restaurants in Nis.

Nis, Serbia