New Phase: Camila Richter Takes Creative Direction of The Label Liziane Richter

Lightweight may not be the first word that comes to mind when it comes to leather, but if it’s up to Camila Richter, that’s one of the key definitions for Liziane Richter, a leather clothing brand she has just assumed as a creative director. The surname does not leave any doubt: Camila inherits her mother’s station, Liziane herself, who created the label for more than 12 years and now passes the baton to her daughter, dedicating more to the operational part of the company. It is the second generation of Richter

family designers to expand the reach of the brand, one of the best-known in the state – and out of it! – by working with the material, which appears in his timeless and contemporary pieces. According to Camila, 70% of the company’s sales take place outside of Rio Grande do Sul: they are divided between the rest of the country and abroad.

Camila, who grew up in the midst of her family business and studied fashion and marketing, says that the creative area has always been the most identified.

– I love to make a new face for leather. Give the material a face that is not so traditional and break the fabric paradigms. I want to turn it into a basic piece.
And according to the designer, the summer collections sell as much as the winter ones, especially the skirts.

– It is proof that it is a dynamic thing, you can use it on several occasions, both for work and for social events, change an accessory, change a shoe. I like to think that our parts are conceptual but not so conceptual that they are not used.

Camila’s bet on the brand is to reach a larger audience. For this, more daring colors, more pieces available and a strong footprint in the manual details. Among the novelties, the label has just won a macaw in Cartel 011, one of the most funky multi-brands in São Paulo.

“Now we want to talk to several women, the youngest and the most talented women, the most sophisticated and elegant women, the ones who can afford to spend less, who can afford to spend more. We want the leather to be a type of material that is in the wardrobe of more people – he explains.

Relying on material that never goes out of style, the creative director sees the pieces as an investment – and the significant, as some cost as much as R $ 2,500.