Nauru Agriculture and Fishing Overview

Agriculture and fishing

Only one of Naurus 21 square kilometers is suitable for agriculture. There is only vegetation around a lagoon in the interior of the island and on the 300 meter wide coastal strip around the central plateau.

  • CountryAAH: Comprehensive import regulations of Nauru. Covers import prohibitions and special documentation requirements for a list of prohibited items.

Some production for export occurs from coffee and copra (dried coconut meat). Otherwise, Naurus grows fruits and vegetables, including coconuts, bananas and pineapples, for house use. Many also keep pigs and chickens. However, the cultivations are not enough, but food must be imported for the most part. The island lacks fresh water sources; fresh water needs are covered by rain, desalination plants and imports. For Nauru defense and foreign policy, please check themotorcyclers.

Fishing is also conducted on a small scale for one’s own household. Nauru has not succeeded in developing the fishing industry commercially, but instead earns money from selling fishing licenses to other countries (see Financial overview).


Agriculture’s share of GDP

3.6 percent (2015)

Percentage of land used for agriculture

20.0 percent (2016)

Nauru Agriculture and Fishing