Montana Overview

According to deluxesurveillance, the Northwest region of Montana borders Canada to the north and Idaho to the west. Below you will find some of the nicest and most interesting places for visitors.

Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake is located in Montana and is the largest freshwater lake in the western states. This lake is also a product of prehistoric glacial activity and today is fed by a number of rivers. Here too there is plenty to do besides taking pictures of the beautiful surroundings: you can fish for salmon, trout and bass or go kayaking with the whole family. Keep in mind that you don’t have to come here for your rest in the summer months: you will have to share these waters with many other tourists!


According to electronicsmatter, great to behold and explore is Glacier National Park. This national park belongs to the big boys and has been taken under its care by UNESCO. When you visit this park you will be able to see with your own eyes why it is of great importance that this natural environment is preserved.

As the name suggests, you will find beautiful high-altitude glaciers here. The area covers 1.2 million acres and is also rich in forests and deep blue lakes. Glacier is a unique place for visitors from all over the world and a true feast for the eyes.

Other well-known tourist attractions in this colossal area are Bitterroot Valley and Kootenai Valley. For animal lovers, Montana offers the opportunity to go horseback riding or take a ride with a llama. Depending on your portfolio, you can choose from various accommodation options here. From camping and ranches to luxurious resorts, we’ve thought of everyone.


In the south-west of Montana you will find mainly beautiful nature, mainly a lot of ‘national forests’ extensive protected forests. Creeks and lakes make it a picturesque landscape where you can enjoy walking. Are you not much of a walker and do you also think it is best to admire this beautiful landscape from the car? Then try the Pintler Scenic Loop. This route takes you through historic mining towns and of course over the high mountain ridges that Montana is rich.

Beavehead National Forest is one of the protected forests in the area, where you can camp in the great outdoors. If you want to experience Montana in its purest form, camping in these forests is a must. You can also do great fly fishing here and, much tougher, whitewater rafting!


The northeastern region of Montana used to be home to the Tyrannosaurus Rex, an immense, carnivorous dinosaur. At the beginning and end of the last century, there are skeletons of these prehistoric animals and thanks to this find this region was put on the map.

The landscape consists of widespread plains and sparsely vegetated and rather dry soil. The Missouri River weaves its way through the landscape that has always been an important means of transportation. In the past, a lot of fur was traded here and today these trading villages are still inhabited.


The most beautiful spot in the south-east of Montana is without a doubt Makoshika State Park. With its wild landscape and former home of the prehistoric dinosaurs, this park is an important tourist attraction. You won’t find the bizarre topological shapes anywhere else in Montana. In this region it is also possible to camp in several National Forests. The so-called ‘guesranches’ can also be found everywhere and promise a typical Montana experience.

North Central

In this part of the state of Montana you will find hilly landscape with extensive valleys and on the south side beautiful forests as far as the eye can see. You can also go fishing for trout and other fish species here in one of the rivers, such as the Musselshell river. Centuries ago, the Blackfeet Indians lived here. Remains of their civilization have been found in various places, such as in Chocteau.

South Central

This region of Montana is ‘without a doubt’ the most visited because of the world famous Yellowstone National Park. This National Park is one of the tourist attractions of the Pacific Northwest. The area is popular with residents of the Pacific Northwest for skiing near Yellowstone. Not surprising when you consider that the park is located in the heart of the rugged Rocky Mountains! This national park is also known for the volcanic activity that takes place there; the main reason for tourists to visit Yellowstone.

Montana Overview