Maria Biscuits Are Healthy Find Out the Answer

Maria Biscuits Are Healthy? Find Out the Answer!

Healthy or not, Maria biscuits have much to say about them, and for this same reason, we do a nutritional analysis to the most famous biscuits of the power of the Portuguese.

Maria Biscuits Are Healthy Find Out the Answer

Among the huge variety available in the market, the Maria Biscuits are, without a doubt, the type of cookies that everyone knows about. If, on the one hand, it is included in many desserts in the Portuguese cuisine, many also consider it as the healthier option.

Surely you have included the maria biscuits in a phase of weight loss or have seen someone else do it while he was following a slimming diet. Well, but it will be the same which is the healthier option?


There are several brands of this kind of cookies, those that are considered to be the “best” of the wafers existing and so are (almost always) usual in the meal plans and conventional plans diet therapy.

Also, the pediatricians, the indicate in the phase of diversification to feed the baby, this being one of the first solid foods introduced at this stage.

But is this the best way to act, when the objective is to improve the eating habits of the population with the purpose of reducing the rate of obesity existing in our country? Maybe not, and we’ll see why.

If we compare a snack with crackers mary and a snack with a pastry cake, perhaps one can say that it is more appropriate to eat the cookies, however, will not be enough to consider them a healthy option, taking into account the huge range available on sale as well as other options for a snack, from a nutritional point of view: dried fruits, cereals, whole-grain bread or dark, etc.


Want to know why? Let’s start by ingredients:

  • Wheat flour
  • Sugar
  • Vegetable fat palm
  • Glucose syrup
  • Whey powder
  • Salt
  • Raising
  • Emulsifier
  • Antioxidants
  • Aroma

The ingredients alone do not tell us that this is a healthy option, since, are added refined sugars, fat palm (which is a saturated fat) and wheat flour gives an account of a food with little fiber, not being used a whole wheat flour or added to cereals or seeds. In addition, its composition still has chemicals and artificial flavors that ensure the validity and taste of the wafer.

From the point of view of nutrition, one serving of 4 biscuits contains 111 kcal, 3g of fat, 6g of sugar and low content of fiber (0.6 g). In addition to the sugar content equivalent to 1 packet of coffee and the fact that the fat used may not be the most healthy, it is difficult to stick to the 4 units: the low content of fiber does not induce satiety, and the type of meal promotes rapid absorption of sugar, making you hungry quickly.


Was held in Portugal, more specifically in the National Institute of Health Dr. Ricardo Jorge, a study that made comparative analysis of the wafer Maria and the wafer from water to salt.

The objective was to evaluate the nutritional quality of biscuits type Maria and the water and salt, based on the levels of total fat, salt, and the composition in fatty acids and carry out a comparative analysis between the two types of crackers selected.

Also if you could estimate the potential impact on the health of the population, based on the recommendations of daily intake of such nutrients, as well as the portion recommended.

One of the main conclusions drawn at the end of the research was that these have too much salt, too much sugar, too much fat and little nutritional value.


  • A portion (about 35 grams) of crackers maria contributes 5% to the daily amount of salt intake recommended for an adult?

And that…

  • Considering the reference dose of daily fat intake, for an adult (70 g/day) and, on the basis of a standard diet of 2000 kcal, a portion of the wafer can contribute with 12%?

It is true! And these were some of the conclusions of the same study. But note that we are not responsible for the wafer Mary by the problems that are to appear in Portugal, namely chronic non-communicable diseases, such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension. However, it can be one of the foods that contributes to these pathologies because of their content of salt, fat and sugar that they present.


The recast of this type of biscuits should be one of the main concerns to consider. But while this not happens, and the healthier alternatives and adequate hell-bent on not get, let’s see some healthier options to these cookies and that you can easily implement in your daily diet:


It is one of the best breads to consume. Replace the wafer Maria for this type of bread is beneficial not only with regard to the sugar content, but also content of salt and fat. In addition, it is also rich in fiber. You can add a slice of cheese thin or a slice of ham chicken/turkey and you will have a healthy snack and simple.


Are a great alternative to ordinary crackers, having a list of ingredients is very short. You should prefer those that do not have salt.


If you choose the neutral versions, that is, without salt and sauces, get a snack very healthy and delicious. We talk about hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts, almonds and cashews, for example.


No! There are healthier options, especially those made from flour are complex, with cereals, without added sugar, artificial flavors or saturated fats and hydrogenated. Ideally, opt for another type of food to your snack, a time that the wafers can be addictive, given its texture and the ingredients used.

From now on, you can already say that there are alternative, more rich nutritionally and therefore should be preferred compared to the Maria biscuits.