How to Get to Nuremberg, Germany

There are no direct flights to Nuremberg from Russia. Turkish Airlines carry passengers from Moscow Vnukovo with a transfer in Istanbul, and Lufthansa from Domodedovo via Frankfurt am Main or Munich. The flight takes at least 6 hours, including the transfer time. Check clothesbliss for how to get to Germany.

Nuremberg Airport bears the name of the artist Albrecht Dürer and is located 2 km from the northern outskirts of the city. From it to the center and to the Central Station can be reached by metro, buses, taxi or car. The metro station is located right next to the terminal building. In 15 minutes, the train delivers passengers to the center. Tickets are sold at VAG/VGN machines at the entrances to all metro stations. Bus number 32 takes you from the airport to the Ton district, bus number 33 takes you to the Nuremberg-Buch district

Nuremberg is one of the few cities in Germany where it is better to order a taxi by phone or via the Internet. There may simply not be free cars in the nearest parking lot. The cost of a trip from the airport to the center is 17-21 EUR.

Nuremberg’s main railway station (city center) receives daily trains from many European capitals: Frankfurt (fare 40-65 EUR, travel time 2 hours 5 minutes), Munich (35-55 EUR, 1 hour 10 minutes), Berlin (80-120 EUR, 4 hours 50 minutes), Vienna (70-110 EUR, 4 hours 40 minutes) and Prague (35-55 EUR, 5 hours 45 minutes). BerlinLinienBus organizes a regular bus service to Berlin (25-41 EUR, 5-6 hours) from the main railway station.

Tourist centers

Nuremberg Info is located opposite the main railway station at Konigstrasse 93. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 19:00, Sunday from 10:00 to 16:00.

The second tourist center is located on the main market square at Hauptmarkt 18. It is open from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00 from May to October and during the Christmas market from 9:00 to 19:00.


Almost the entire Old Town of Nuremberg is pedestrian. You can get into it only by bus number 36 or by metro. There are two subway stations here – Lorenzkirche and Weisser Turm, from which it is most convenient to get to most of the sights.

The transport system of Nuremberg is thought out to the smallest detail. Throughout Bavaria, there is a Bayern ticket – a single travel card for all regional trains (in the 2nd class), S-Bahn electric trains, U-Bahn metro, trams and buses plying across Bavaria and even to some neighboring regions. Bayern ticket can be bought at the office. the website of the Deutsche Bahn or at the subway entrances in the red DB-Bahn ticket machines. One-day passes are also sold there, also valid on all public transport. One of the metro lines – U3 – is fully automatic. There are no drivers or conductors. By metro you can get to all parts of the city and the airport.

A Bayern ticket holder can bring an unlimited number of their own children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren with them. Foreign descendants and other adults can be brought with a small surcharge. Each ticket is valid for 5 adults.

Buses and trams run exactly on schedule. It is better to order a taxi by phone, as there are not always free cars in the parking lots. Taxis don’t stop on the streets – it’s useless to vote. The cost of a trip to the center is 10-15 EUR, to the suburbs – 20 EUR.

Bicycles can be rented at Ride on a Rainbow, located at Adam-Kraft-Strasse 55, for 10-18 EUR per day.

Nuremberg Hotels

Nuremberg is a student city, so hotels marked with one or two “stars” turn out to be ordinary hostels. In all hotels of at least 3 * tourists are waiting for perfect comfort, corresponding to the “star” of the institution. Prices for a double room in a “treshka” 70-100 EUR per day. 4* and 5* hotels can surprise you with additional pleasant services included in the price, such as an individual shopping guide or free museum visits. Due to the tightness in the city center, many hotels do not have their own parking lots.

The disadvantage of Nuremberg is that it has a very small Old Town, a large number of bars and cafes are concentrated in a small area. Hotels are forcedly located among them, and throughout the night, guests hear the screams of Germans resting from a hard day or the cries of an unearned tourist contingent who also likes to drink.

The center of Nuremberg is not conducive to night walks precisely because of tipsy revelers. For the most part, they are the same tourists and are not dangerous, but the Franconian nights of these drunkards deprive the romance completely.

Car rental in Nuremberg

Several companies operate and are considered reputable in the city: Europcar, Hertz, Avis, Momondo, Sixt, Enterprise, Economycarrentals, Threfty Dollar.

Tourists need to be careful when accepting and returning a car at a rental office. There are very frequent cases of fines of 300-450 EUR for allegedly scratched sides, an incomplete tank, etc. It is necessary to check the car for damage before starting to use it, and upon delivery, fix the appearance of the car and the gas tank arrow on the photo.

There are no real traffic jams, but in the center it is sometimes impossible to drive through the narrow streets because of cars parked at the side of the road. In general, Russian tourists have a habit of taking large cars, forgetting that in most cities in Bavaria the streets are extremely narrow. There are very few free parking lots in the center, they rarely have free places, especially on weekends and during numerous German holidays. Experienced tourists leave their cars in the parking lots of supermarkets, and get to the sights and holidays by metro. The cost of paid parking in the center is 3-5 EUR for two hours.

Contacts with the traffic police in Nuremberg are unpleasant if you break the rules. This is a small industrial city, and tourism is not the main source of income. Tourists, as a rule, irritate the servants of the law, so you should not expect concessions.

Nuremberg Hotels