How to Design Your Web Site?

Website design is not as easy as domain name registration or choosing a web hosting company. You will need to determine a style that you want your visitor to recognize easily and accord to your company product or service.
If you are hiring a web design company, be careful! They often design with luxury images, frame, and even a flash for the whole site. Search engine doesn’t like these. Big images slow your site loading speed, frame pages mislead the search engine, and a flash for whole site just “prevent” robot from crawling. You can not just care about the visual result on how beautiful your site looks. Rather, you will have to consider if it is search engine friendly and suitable for search engine marketing.
If you have limited budget, and want to design website by yourself, here are some concerns:
First of all, avoid using frame web pages. The main page, which is made up of several (typically two or three) pages, is not a real page. Search engine does not recognize it as a page. Rather, it indexes each “sub-page” as a single page. Then, your menu page shows as a single page, and so does the content page or navigation page.
Secondly, use as less images as possible. A page with two to three images can have same visual effect as that with tens of images. The difference is that the former will have much fast loading speed, and therefore be highly welcomed by search engines.
Lastly, flash works for itself only. Never take it as your content page. In the html code, there is only one to several lines of code, something like “.js”. Not even a single word related to your site. In this way, search engine can only index your page, and will not be able to rank it. Our suggestion is that if you really have to use flash, just take it as an alternative. That means, your site works well even without it.