Hair Care Smooth and Fine 1

Hair Care Smooth and Fine

The hair is smooth and thin, are more fragile and delicate, entangle and break more easily, tending to dry more easily, so some care with the straight hair and thin include:

Hair Care Smooth and Fine 1

  1. Use shampoo and conditioner themselvesto the fine hairs and smooth;
  2. Put conditioner only on the tipsof the hair strands;
  3. Do not comb your hair when it is wet;
  4. Avoid using dryer or flat ironto dry the hair, since it damages the hair strands;
  5. If it is necessary to use the dryer, apply a thermal protector before, put it at a low temperature and keep it at least 3 inches away from the scalp;
  6. Once dry, comb your hair, starting by detangling the ends of the hair strandsand only then go through the wires up to the root, for fine hair smooth break more easily;
  7. After hairstyle, fasten your hair with a bun or a braid, about 3 days a weekto protect the fine hair to break;
  8. Make a hydration to the hair every 15 days, preferring products with keratin to keep the strands strong and resistant.

Hair Care Smooth and Fine 2

Another important tip to take care of the hair smooth and slim is to trim the tips of the hair regularly, because fine hair has a tendency to get split ends easily.

Products for smooth hair and fine

Products for the hair smooth and slim should be suitable for this kind of hair to make the strands lighter, repaired and hydrated, maintaining their brightness.

Some examples of products for fine hair, and smooth is the range of products Quera-Smooth, Light and Silky hair naturally smooth from the Point L’oreal Paris shampoo and conditioner for hair as smooth and silky Pantene. Here are some tips to have a perfect hair by clicking here.

Another problem of the hair smooth and fine is that often he also has a tendency to óleosidade, and therefore it is necessary to take care in double to control this problem. Here’s how to Avoid the Main Causes of Oily Hair.

Hair Care Smooth and Fine 3