Google AdSense

Since alive, AdSense program has grown dramatically to become one of the largest publishing networks on the internet. According to financial report published by NASDAQ, revenues from AdSense has constitute to 43% of Google total income in the past fiscal quarter. This means that running such a publisher network, Google has nearly doubled its income. In today’s highly competitive search market, Google will further strengthen such program in order to compete against the newly launched MSN adverting network and Yahoo’s publisher network.
If your site provides quality content, you will be approved. No matter it is a small website with monthly visitors of 1,000 or a large one with 300,000. If you receive page views of 20 millions a month, you will get customized solutions.
After you paste codes to your website, Google AdSense will automatically deliver text and image ads that are precisely targeted to your site and your site content. That means, your readers will actually find them useful. Also, when you add Google search engine to your site, AdSense delivers targeted ads to your search results pages too.