Georgia Geography

In the middle of the Deep South is ‘Peach State’ Georgia. It was one of the British colonies that revolted against the British after years of rule and became the fourth official state of the United States. During the American Civil War, Georgia was one of the southern states to secede from the US and join the Confederacy. Racism is unfortunately still the order of the day. This, while today a lot of blacks live in the state.


According to deluxesurveillance, about 9.5 million people live in Georgia and the capital is Atlanta. To the north, the state borders North Carolina and Tennessee. Georgia borders Alabama to the west and Florida to the south. The eastern border is formed by the Atlantic Ocean and to the north-east flows the area’s main river, the Savannah. This river also forms a large part of the border with the state of South Carolina.

In general, Georgia is a flat area. Inland you will find many swamps of which Okefenokee Swamp is perhaps the best known. In the north, this state is mountainous. This is where the Blue Ridge Mountains are located. This mountain range is formed of metamorphic rock, granite and diabase and is part of the Appalachian Mountains. The mountains are not very high. The highest peak is only 1458 meters.

The middle part of the state is very flat and the economy here is mainly based on agriculture. Think of vast cottonfields, but also the cultivation of different types of nuts. Of course peaches are also harvested. Georgia didn’t get the nickname Peach State for nothing.


According to electronicsmatter, Georgia is a great vacation destination! It has a beautiful nature with beautiful flora and fauna. The state has beautiful forests of cedar, pine and oak trees. Georgia is also home to many different animal species such as venomous snakes, alligators and more than 150 bird species. Off the coast of Georgia you will find crabs, mollusks, whales and dolphins.

There are about 63 parks in the state that you can visit, including a number of monuments, reserves and parks that are under the control of the National Park Service. So don’t think that you will get bored quickly on vacation in Georgia! The cities of Georgia are also worth visiting. In addition to the well-known Atlanta, cities such as Savannah, which is closer to the coast, and Macon are also very nice destinations. Take your time and explore Georgia!


Atlanta is the capital and largest city of Georgia. Many international companies such as Coca Cola and CNN have established their ‘headquarters’ here. Even the Atlanta airport is well known; it is the busiest airport in the world with over 5 million international tourists a year! Atlanta’s urban agglomeration is home to more than 4 million people.

The population has increased in recent years as Atlanta is increasingly seen as one of the most important commercial centers of the South. The city is 9th on the list of most populous metropolitan areas in the US. Atlanta is also known for the many well-known artists it has spawned such as Gladys Knight and rappers Lil’Jon and Kanye West. African American Rights Advocate Martin Luther King Jr.


The city has a pleasant, subtropical climate with hot, muggy summers. The city has not been nicknamed Hotlanta for nothing; it is not uncommon for the temperature in the summer months to be around 35 degrees. Winters are mild with an average temperature of 10 degrees.


The city is full of sights worth seeing. The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site is a must-see when in Atlanta because it has great national and historical importance. In addition, a visit to the Atlanta History Center is a worthy side trip. There are different kinds of exhibitions in the museum. Around the museum you can see a few beautiful antebellum houses. If you like the theater then the Fox Theater in Midtown Atlanta makes for a fun night out. There are several musical and ballet performances by the Atlanta Ballet throughout the year.

World of Coca Cola

Also take a look at the World of Coca Cola where you can learn everything about the history of the most famous soft drink in the world. The building was reopened in 2007 after a major makeover. You can’t think of it so crazy that you see it here: with so many different attractions, it’s almost impossible that you wouldn’t have fun here. Afterwards, head to the Coca Cola Store where you can choose from hundreds of different products related to Coca Cola. Nice souvenirs and fun for yourself!


If you are looking for some relaxation, you should definitely go to Piedmont Park. Located in Midtown Atlanta, the park is the scene of many festivals each year, including the Atlanta Jazz Festival. For the sports enthusiasts among us: in the park you can enjoy yourself on the tennis court, but there are also football fields and paths have been laid out for walkers and cyclists.


Long before Atlanta became the capital of Georgia, this honor was bestowed upon the city of Savannah. This coastal city was founded in 1733. The city center became a National Historic Landmark in 1966 and is one of the largest in the US. This rich history plus the southern hospitality make Savannah a very nice city to visit! The population of the city and the urban agglomeration is estimated at almost 395,000.

Because of its southern location, Savannah is a destination that you can visit all year round. Summers in Savannah are moderate and because then most of the rain falls, it resembles a monsoon climate. The average temperature in July is 33 degrees. The winters are mild and typical of the South region. Snow rarely falls here.

Where to go?

There is plenty to do in Savannah! There are many historic properties such as the Green-Meldrim House that are worth a visit and you can enjoy the city skyline or meander along the Savannah River. In the historic center of the city there are no fewer than 24 city squares, all of which are worth admiring for different reasons. There is also the Forsyth park, where you can rest amidst the bustle of the city. On hot days you can cool off at the fountain in the park.

If you want to discover the real Savannah, head to the City Market where you can browse the antiques and try a traditional dish in one of the eateries. For the kids there is a zoo where you can admire animals that live in the region.


The city of Macon is located more than 135 kilometers south of Atlanta. Macon is one of the so-called Fall Line cities, which means that the hilly landscape here changes into the flat coastal landscape. Before the Europeans settled here, Creek Indians lived here. Macon and the area surrounding the city has been designated an Ocmulgee National Monument in memory of these Native Americans.

The River Ocmulgee runs through the town and has always played an important role for Macon. The so-called metropolitan area of ​​Macon has almost 230,000 inhabitants, making it the fifth largest city in Georgia. The climate in Macon is subtropical and therefore humid. In summer the temperatures are around 30 degrees. The winters are mild with an average temperature of around 14 degrees. So very pleasant!

Macon & Music

The South has produced many famous artists over the years and Macon is also the ‘hometown’ of a number of artists. Otis Redding is one of these artists and is commemorated by the monument erected to him. Because of his musical background, Macon was decided to be the site of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. A trip in Deep South state Georgia is therefore not complete before you have been here.

Special places

Other places of interest are the Ocmulgee National Monument and the Rose Hill Cemetery. The Ocmulgee Monument consists of a museum where you can learn all about the life and history of the Native Americans who lived in the area.

There is also a visitor center where you can get all the necessary information about the area. Hiking trails have been laid out in Ocmulgee so you can explore the Native American heritage at your leisure. There is a house, a so-called ‘earthlodge’ that has been reconstructed. These houses were built within a kind of hill. If you are interested you can enter through a kind of opening in the hill to take a look. Rosehill Cemetery is one of Macon’s oldest cemeteries and a real landmark. Local celebrities are buried here, including members of the Allmann Brothers Band, a rock and roll band from the 1960s.

Georgia Geography