Email Marketing for Small Business

Email marketing is by far the most economic way of online advertising. That’s why it has been widely used since the dawn of internet. To do email marketing, here are a list of things you will have to develop:

1. Collect email address. You can buy or lease email lists from third-party marketing company. The price ranges widely from $.10 per address to $1.0 per thousand addresses. You can also collect emails by yourself through your own site. To do so is simple. Just add a “subscribe” menu on your web page. When visitors find interested in your sites and agree to receive updated product information, you can email them without breaking the anti-spam law.

2. Create ads. Create advertisement that is as attractive as it can be. It can be text based or image based.

3. Create newsletter. To keep your visitors fresh in mind, it is a good idea to create periodical newsletters with good content. Whether your product is updated or you are making promotion, you can email your potential customers and keep them updated.

4. Deliver your ads. Once the lists are ready, you can begin to deliver your ads by bulk email software or even MS outlook.

During the campaigns, it is important that you are obeying the CAN-Spam law. In nowadays, as business ethics become more and more essential to a company’s reputation, seeking permission from targeted audience is a must to do email marketing.

When you ask your visitors to opt in, you should also develop a system for them to easily opt out. Otherwise, your campaigns is not different from spamming. To keep as more as your subscribers, it is always a good idea to create high quality newsletter.