Delaware State Overview

State of Delaware general data

  • Time zone: 6 hours less than Italy
  • Capital: Dover
  • Main towns: Bear, Hockessin, Newark,Pike Creek, Wilmington.
  • Area: 452 km²
  • Population: Approximately 945,000 inhabitants.
  • Population density: 4 residents / km²
  • State abbreviation: OF
  • Entry into the United States: It joins the United States on December 7, 1787, it is the 1st state to join the union.

It takes its name from the bay of the same name, named in honor of the governor of Virginia, who sponsored its exploration. From a morphological point of view, Delaware can be divided into two regions: the coastal plain area, and the Piedmont area. The northwest section of the state is part of the Piedmont of the neighboring state of Pennsylvania. It is a landscape of hills that never exceed 120 meters above sea level. The rest of the territory of this small state, with an extension slightly greater than Liguria, is part of the coastal plain, with an average height of 18 meters above sea level.

According to, the Delaware River is the most important in this state. This river marks the border between the states of New Jersey and Delaware until it flows into the bay of the same name. There are numerous small streams, the most important being the Nanticoke and Pocomoke rivers which flow into the Chesapeake Bay and the Big Cypress swamp, or Great Pocomoke, in the south of the state. Other rivers of interest are the Indian River which flows into the Atlantic Ocean, and the Christina River, one of the tributaries of the Delaware River.

Flora and fauna– Woods of oaks, beeches, walnuts, maples, are widespread in the northern region; the south is rich in Virginia pines, rubber trees, yellow poplars and hollies. Throughout the territory there are many species of animals: deer, possums, foxes, muskrats and other types of small game; migratory birds are also widespread, finding refuge on the marshy coast of the Delaware bay.

The climate – Delaware does not differ substantially from one region to another due to its small size. The average temperature in January is 1 ° C, and in July, 24 ° C. In coastal areas, however, the effect of the sea mitigates temperatures, which are cooler in summer and warmer in winter, than in the coastal areas. inland of Delaware. The average annual rainfall is around 1,100 mm, with little variation in the three counties.

Dover: capital of Delaware

According to, Dover is a city of the United States, capital of the state of Delaware, on the Saint Jones River, in the central part of the state. It is a small and quiet city, an agricultural center of the state, with a small commercial area surrounded by old neighborhoods. Of tourist interest in Dover, we find the State House, the seat of the state government. The city is also home to several restored Georgian colonial architectural style houses, the home of John Dickinson, a statesman and writer of the American Revolution, and the State Museum.

In the surroundings of the city, we find the Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge, and the Island Field archaeological site. The main government buildings are around the Old State House from 1792, and an old legislative chamber which has now been converted into a museum of antiques. It has historic buildings such as the Golden Fleece Tavern, where the first eleven of the twelve originally proposed amendments to the new constitution of the United States, the first Delaware legislators, formally ratified.

Dover is the commercial center of the surrounding agricultural region, where fruit and vegetables are produced. The main products of the city include: processed food, paper, and clothing, imported chemical industry.

Before the arrival of the Europeans, the Delaware Indians lived in the territory; the city was founded in 1717 by the English William Penn, who gave it its current name in honor of the English city of the same name. According to, in 1777 Dover replaced New Castle as the state capital.

Useful numbers in Dover


Bayhealth Medical Center

1275 S State St Dover, DE 19901

Tel. (302) 678-1303 (302) 674-1303


Dover, Police Department Emergency 911

City data

Inhabitants – about 37,000

Area – 59 sq km

Prefix 302

Delaware State Overview