Hair Care Smooth and Fine 1

Hair Care Smooth and Fine

The hair is smooth and thin, are more fragile and delicate, entangle and break more easily, tending to dry more easily, so some care with the straight hair and thin include: Use shampoo and conditioner themselvesto the fine hairs and smooth; Put conditioner only on the tipsof the hair strands; Do not comb your hair […]

What Not to Eat after Workout 1

What Not to Eat after Workout

What not to eat after training is a key issue for the development of the sport and muscle recovery to which we will give answer in this article. The post workout meal is of the utmost importance for those who want to increase muscle mass. It aims to promote a full recovery, and constitutes the first […]

Compote Pear 6 Tips Delicious to Try 1

Compote Pear: 6 Tips Delicious to Try

These recipes compote of pear are perfect for when you want a sweet made at home. To keep up with snacks or even dishes more elaborate, make the perfect combination. The pears are fruits very sweetened, lightly acidic and soft, which makes these a great ingredient for jams. It is possible to prepare compote of pear simple, as well […]

How to Make Yogurt in Iogurteira

How to Make Yogurt in Iogurteira

Learn different ways of making yogurt in iogurteira. We chose four recipes of yoghurt to make at home, namely: natural yogurt, yogurt with gelatin, yogurt with jam and yogurt with fruit. All the recipes are different, but delicious and very simple and quick to make. Risk and delight! Of yoghurt natural to yogurt with fruit, passing by the yogurt with […]

Mobile Antivirus - Do You Really Need It?

Mobile Antivirus – Do You Really Need It?

Using a Windows computer without antivirus is something simply unimaginable these days. The great popularity of the Microsoft operating system makes virus writers focus on making viruses for Windows, which has a much higher potential audience. This explains in parts the lower incidence of computer viruses in other operating systems. It is also important to note that Unix-based […]

How to Treat Caesarean Scars

How to Treat Caesarean Scars

When the woman becomes pregnant, her main concerns are the baby’s health and how the delivery will be. The normal delivery is the most indicated by the doctors, because its recovery is fast and soon the woman can go home, but they have those pregnant women who need to undergo cesarean delivery.

Moisturizing Skin in Pregnancy

Moisturizing Skin in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life. For nine months your baby grows inside your belly, feeling step by step all its development, and longing for the moment when you will have it in your arms. However, with pregnancy also come many changes. With tummy growth, skin tightening and deregulated hormones, it is natural […]

7 Safety Tips for Your Children

7 Safety Tips for Your Children

With the news we hear every day, every parent becomes increasingly concerned about the safety of their children. There are some safety rules that should be taught from the very beginning to avoid problematic situations. The safety rules for the smallest and even the largest. They should not be limited to protecting the hazards of the house such as […]

Brazilian Bikinis

Brazilian bikinis are among the models most sought by the female audience due to the beauty and shape of the bikinis, which show the forms of the female body. Discover some of the main brands of Brazilian bikinis and find out where to buy beachwear brands.

How to Clean and Conserve Wood Utensils

Check out the step-by-step that will ensure more safety and hygiene to your cutlery and cutting boards If you have a subject that causes doubts and even a certain controversy is the hygiene of wooden utensils.This is because much is said that tables and spoons of this type, for example, are true breeding grounds of […]