Andorra Agriculture and Fishing Overview

Agriculture and fishing

Andorra’s most important export crop is tobacco. For domestic use, potatoes and cereals are grown. The country is largely dependent on imported food. Less than two percent of the land in mountainous Andorra is cultivable.

  • CountryAAH: Comprehensive import regulations of Andorra. Covers import prohibitions and special documentation requirements for a list of prohibited items.

Tobacco is the most important crop. It must be irrigated and cultivated on the best soils. Andorran tobacco is usually blended with tobacco from the east that has better quality. In recent years, Andorra has started growing medicinal plants and aromatic herbs to find new products that could possibly replace the not so profitable tobacco. For Andorra defense and foreign policy, please check relationshipsplus.

Livestock breeding, especially sheep, is also important. Timber from the forestry industry produces export earnings. No fishing of economic significance exists.


Agriculture’s share of GDP

0.5 percent (2017)

Percentage of land used for agriculture

40.0 percent (2016)

  • Offers how the 3-letter acronym of AND stands for the state of Andorra in geography.

Andorra Agriculture and Fishing