AnandTech Report That Samsung Optimized S4 to Highlight in Benchmarks

The terminal Galaxy S4 octo – core It boasts the new Exynos 5 chip, which has reached around the world and that while enjoying a configuration BIG.little of 4 + 4 cores, not have connectivity LTE.

According to Anandtech it has been optimized for some bechmarks, increasing the speed of the GPU for some more tests than it does in everyday.

UPDATE: Samsung explains how this system works.

I.e., the terminal software would detect that it runs a benchmark and more ups the speed of the GPU which is the maximum frequency of every day. To be precise, Samsung would have programmed their S4 Galaxy to run GPU at 533 MHz on such test against the “maximum” native frequency 480 MHz.

This behavior allow higher results in benchmarks, what in the day to day or games and applications can be.

AnandTech has also commented that this behavior in CPU frequencies even in the terminal with chip Qualcomm is also detected. In summary is as if Samsung had added a “Turbo mode” for certain applications, something that is not expected of the caliber of the South Korean company.

Samsung clarifies this behavior

Samsung has responded to that discovery claiming that they have not done anything wrong.

Its makers explain that “under normal conditions, the S4 Galaxy operates at 533 MHz for better performance”, and that behavior occurs in applications to full screen as the camera, browser, video player or benchmarking tools.