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Tools for Traffic Measurement

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Website Traffic Measurement Tools

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  • ActiveStat - Web-based software to track and analyze site visits that presents customized reports, sorting and grouping capabilities, filters, and the ability to mark visits by pre-defined rules.
  • Advertising Performance - A service that facilitates tracking the performance and ROI of online advertising campaigns.
  • BigTracker - Real-time website statistics measurement and reporting.
  • Buystream - Offers solutions that analyze key business Eventstreams to deliver usable and actionable information on how to improve online business process and maximize results.
  • ClickAudit Link Tracker - Provides a free realtime link tracker service. Ideal for affiliate links. Can calculate cost of each click.
  • ClickLog - Track the response and success of all your ads such as PPC, eZines, banners and mailists in real time with this on-line ad tracker and sales tracking management system.
  • Clickstream Analysis - Web content management product measures every page display. Log file and website analysis available with their internet tracking software.
  • Clickstream Technologies plc. - Provides web site analysis technology which tracks and measures visitor behavior both online and offline.
  • Compete, Inc - Provides a Web-based consumer intelligence service that offers companies time-sensitive analysis of web users' consumer behavior.
  • Coremetrics, Inc - Coremetrics solution is the first true ASP-based comprehensive eMarketing platform. Coremetrics delivers insight on visitor browsing and purchasing behavior that you can actually use for your business-critical decisions.
  • Cybion - Information specialist, proposes internet audience measurement and research services.
  • D-Stat - Web based, real-time traffic tracking and analysis tool.
  • DeepMetrix Web analytics - Measures web site traffic with Livestats: marketing effectiveness, geographic segmentation and visitor trends delivered in real-time
  • Evaliant Media Resources - Providing online advertising data.
  • Evaliant - An international provider of online advertising data. Evaliant offers the most comprehensive, accurate up to date intelligence on where, when, how, and how much web advertisers are advertising online.
  • Evolvo Systems - Internet analysis appliance providing plug and play web site and visitor analysis, monitoring and tracking. Real-time dedicated information processing and reporting.
  • Eyes On Traffic - Real time website traffic monitoring including the entire visit history, IP address, number of pages visited, and conversion rate.
  • Geotargeting - GeoPoint(sm), from Quova, provides the geographic location of Web site visitors with the highest degree of accuracy.
  • Hitwise Research Services - Carry out Internet research and analysis providing intelligence reports relating to global internet traffic and trends. Includes breakdowns of the top websites in the world and their popularity.
  • Hitwise - Provides daily rankings of the world's most popular web sites by monitoring the activity of surfers, including the ability to profile, chart and search various web sites.
  • ImetriX.biz - Real-time Measurement and reporting of website traffic. Provides site performance, web intelligence, user behavior and search engine traffic measurement.
  • LiveAnalysis - This on-line web service offers real-time analysis of web-based marketing campaigns and web site traffic.
  • Mtracking - Offers a variety of site analytics services to track website visitor behavior including referrals, conversion rates, user path tracking, and search engine activity. Some services offer custom report creation.
  • Net Audit Now - A customized reporting service to help identify where visitors to a web site come from, and how they interact with the site.
  • NetValue - Provides a comprehensive Internet usage measurement system.
  • Online Site Sales web metrics and analysis all the answers - Learn web metrics, how to market your site with traffic reporting
  • Powerful Analytics. Simple To Use - Combined website visitor analysis and online website monitoring. Variety of packages deliver, visitor and website analysis, email campaign management and tracking, marketing and eCommerce tracking and analysis, availability monitoring.
  • PromotionStat - Provides solutions to help web owners evaluate the effectiveness of their advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Quova - Solutions for companies that want to use the geographic location of web site visitors to enhance their security, marketing or regulatory compliance.
  • ROIbot - Tracks all of your ad campaigns over the web and provides real-time reporting of traffic levels and affiliate revenue.
  • RedEye International Ltd. - UK based eCRM experts, providing tailored customer relationship management solutions to ebusinesses. One to one marketing, online direct marketing.
  • RedSheriff - Provides site performance statistics, market intelligence, user behavior, customer acquisition and retention information.
  • RoiPath - Customizable, web based tracking service that tracks all your marketing efforts including click-throughs, sales, viral, email and PPC search engine advertising campaigns.
  • Site Stats - Provides traffic measurement services with online and email reporting - search engine traffic measurement, web site design and usability analysis.
  • SiteMetrix Website Real-Time Traffic Reporting - Real time website traffic reporting, and session traffic pattern metrics.
  • Statistical Research, Inc. - Market research firm specialized in internet and other media audience measurement
  • Survey.net - Internet user demographics, free data availability
  • TRS Webs - Website statistic tracking with real-time web based reports.
  • TraceWorks - Offers a real-time ROI search engine marketing reporting service that includes web based reporting on keywords, conversion rates, and specific site entry pages.
  • TrackMyLink - TrackMyLink is a powerful tool for tracking the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. Tracks impressions, clicks, uniques, registrations, signups, sales, or leads for all of your campaigns.
  • Webcounter - Free web site traffic counter and traffic analysis tools: analyze your web site traffic with our comprehensive free web counter, find other traffic-related services as well
  • Xtreme Stats - A free web site statistics reporting tool that can be customized to provide specific information and automatically send notification when specified events occur.
  • eVisit Analyst - Offers a range of services to analyse web traffic to your site. It can be used to monitor visitors, referring sites, viewing behaviour and advertising campaigns in real-time.
  • ezTrackZ - A web-based online advertising tracking service. Tracks all types of online advertising with real-time reporting.
  • iDiary - Tracks every web site and URL visited by a scientifically selected, representative sample of the Natural Population of a target web site.

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