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Website Link Management Tools

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  • Aman Software - CyberSpider web site monitor software. Product and services information.
  • Automatic Menus - A short and powerful PHP script for automatic menus in a web site. With examples. [GNU GPL]
  • BLT - Braxton's Link Tester - BLT is a freeware link checking program for Mac OS X. Its main purpose is to allow web developers to check all objects on their sites to ensure that they exist before making their sites publicly accessible.
  • ChangeAgent - Discover broken links, investigate their cause, and repair them in a single, integrated environment. Remove orphan files and reorganize a site while maintaining link integrity. [Windows].
  • CheckLinks - A link checker that uses the xmlHttpRequest object to find broken links.
  • CheckWeb - Freeware for Windows 95/98/NT. 72K download, about 150K unzipped. French/English. Check internal and/or external links, images. Option to report only errors.
  • CheckWeb - Logiciel qui permet d'analyser les pages d'un site web, et de repérer d'éventuels liens (internes et externes) qui ne fonctionnent pas. Programme 32 bit, gratuit.
  • Checkbot - Perl utility which checks internal and external links via http, writing the results to an HTML file.
  • CyberSpyder Link Test - Windows URL-verification software with nice site mapping and outlining features. Shareware.
  • Extract Link - A link extraction utility to search and extract (http, ftp, email, news) links or text from any type of file. It can also search inside archived files, and support extraction depth.
  • InternetMechanic.com Link Check - Checks image and url HTML links for correctness. Also returns error codes for dead links.
  • Ixsite Web Analyzer - A site management and reporting tool featuring link checking, orphan detection, and website mapping.
  • Link Checker Pro - Analyses websites for broken and problem links with data export options to HTML, Excel, and text formats.
  • Link Police - Commercial quality link checker enables you to check all your website links and images automatically.
  • Link Valet - From one URL, it can fetch one page or spider the site, and create a report.
  • Link Valet - Generates a color-coded report by spidering a site or checking links on a given page.
  • LinkAlarm - Automatic, scheduled link checking with email notification. Nothing to install - just use a browser. Commercial service with a free trial.
  • LinkChecker - Check HTML documents recursively for broken links. Supported link types are http, https, ftp, mailto, news, nntp, gopher, telnet and file.
  • LinkController - Supports maintenance of web pages with links by checking links in a low maintenance and low resource usage manner. LinkController is primarily targeted at GNU based systems such as Linux but also at POSIX sytems with PERL.
  • LinkLint - Perl program checks all links on a web site, either by a local site scan or remote site scan. [GNU GPL]
  • LinkQuality Benchmark - Weekly statistics about broken links and site quality across the web taken from checking links at sites in 19 categories. Based on the LinkAlarm software.
  • LinkScan - Link checking and website management tool for Unix, Linux and Windows. It also validates html and produces sitemaps.
  • LinksXQ - Link extractor is an automatic link extractor finds embedded URLs in text and HTML files and lists them in a simple text format. Advanced cleaning features then clear out all extraneous characters to yield clean text.
  • LinxCop - Windows Program designed to make your daily link-checking totally automated.
  • MOM Spider - Perl robot that specializes in the maintenance of distributed hypertext infostructures.
  • NoMore404 - NoMore404 is a Link Checker that can run on any windows machine. It will monitor your website(s) and report problems by sending an e-mail to you. [Shareware]
  • NodeWorks Link Checker - Advanced Web link checker. Features dead link verification and weekly scheduling of Web and e-mail reports. Free trial and commercial service starting at $20 checks any number of sites.
  • Quest Software Funnel Web Profiler - Beyond analyzing usage, provides a web map and display of how pages and data are linked together across your site. Part of the Funnel Web suite.
  • REL Software - Web Link Validator utility for verification of links accuracy, existence and availability, and a detailed error report.
  • Site Map Pro - Automatically create a professional and fully configurable sitemap for your website. This will allow your visitors to effectively navigate your site.
  • Site Vigil - A sophisticated web site monitoring tool that checks access to pages, unexpected surges or lulls in visitor traffic to your web site. Check all links and pages on a web site.
  • SiteMapper - SiteMapper will analyze the contents of a web site, and create a detailed map with an indexed listing of all resources by page and category.
  • SpiderView - Link checker and server performance monitor.
  • VSE Link Tester - Link checker for Macintosh that works online and offline.
  • W3C Web Walker - Sample robot application With portable source code, using the LibWWW library, which can be used to create a link checker application.
  • Watchfire WebQA - Scans site for more than 30 types of potential problems and generates reports on topics such as content defects (like broken links), usability and accessibility issues, search engine effectiveness, site inventory and corporate standards.
  • Web Data Extractor - A powerful web data, link, email extractor utility. Collect targeted data from web for responsible internet marketing, website promotion, list management and research.
  • Web Link and Link Checker - Utilities for verification of links accuracy, existence and availability. Using this powerful tool webmasters can find broken links or links containing syntactic errors.
  • Xenu's Link Sleuth - Free windows spidering software that checks web sites for broken links.
  • ht://Check - more than a link checker - ht://Check is more than a link checker. It's a console application written for GNU/Linux systems in C++. [GNU GPL]


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