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HTML Validators

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HTML Validators

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  • A Real Validator - Windows. Based on an SGML parser. Shareware.
  • CSE HTML Validator - Windows. HTML, XHTML, and CSS validator. Also checks accessibility, links, and spelling. Commercial pro version and free lite version.
  • Demoroniser - Perl script which corrects incompatible HTML generated by Microsoft applications.
  • HTML PowerTools - Windows. Includes validator, image scanner, meta tag manager, find and replace tool, tag pair fixer, and an HTML to text converter. Commercial software; 30-day demo.
  • HTML Shrinker - Windows. Removes unnecessary characters from HTML, CSS, Perl, JavaScript and many other web file formats. Commercial pro version and free light version.
  • HTML Tidy - Unix, Windows, MacOS, and others. Validator fixes errors in HTML and XHTML. Converts HTML to XHTML. Free Software.
  • LinkScan/QuickCheck - Unix and Windows. Lint and link checker. Commercial software; free trial. Also online checking.
  • SP Instructions - Windows. Instructions for the Do-it-yourself Offline HTML Validator using SP.
  • SP - Windows and Unix. Object-oriented toolkit for SGML parsing and entity management. Can validate any version of HTML for which a DTD is available. Free Software.
  • SWAN: SubWeb Analyzer - Unix. Generates statistics and finds inconistencies in a subweb (web site).
  • VSE Web Site Turbo - MacOS. Image and HTML lint. Commercial software; partially-functional demo.


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