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Tools for Website Configuration

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Website Configuration Tools

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  • Covalent Technologies - Comanche is a free GUI for managing Apache web server configuration. Available for UNIX, Linux and Windows.
  • Dnsupdate - An IP address update program for dynamic DNS updates as defined in RFC2136. It submits dynamic IP address update requests to a name server automatically. (Perl) (Linux)
  • Dnsupdate - An IP address update program written in Perl for dynamic DNS updates as defined in RFC2136. It submits dynamic IP address update requests to a name server automatically.
  • Ensim - Web hosting Software - Ensim provides server and site management software for hosting businesses. The Ensim Webappliance supports Windows, as well as Linux.
  • Etrinix Corp. - Provides software development and hosting automation tools for the web hosting industry.
  • HostingAccelerator for Windows - It is a scalable, flexible and high-performance hosting automation solution which allows service providers to control all aspects of their hosting environment through a single web-based console. Ability to manage Web(IIS), FTP, Mail, DNS, Statistics and Database services.
  • HostingAccelerator - It is a hosting automation solution which allows service providers to manage IIS, DNS, FTP, Mail, Statistics and Database services through a single web-based interface.
  • InsPanel - Hosting Control Panel For Windows - The InsPanel is a web-based hosting control panel. Suited for hosts looking for a scalable solution for their clients. Featuring support for Windows 2003, Cold Fusion MX, MS SQL, distributed mail and DNS and a multilingual interface among other features.
  • PSoft - Webhosting Automation - PSoft is the creator of server control panels such as H-Sphere,Site Studio, FreeVPS and CP+.
  • SwiftIS, Inc. - SwiftIS provides a suite of advanced Domain Name System (DNS) management application tools for ISPs, Domain Registrars and Enterprises that manage large numbers of domains.
  • TkApache - Apache configuration tool written in tcl/tk designed to provide a simple, yet powerful GUI front-end.
  • Tralliant Corp. - IP server middleware for shared hosting environments, enabling administration of services like IIS to be securely delegated to individual resource owners via web browsers.
  • Webmin - A web-based interface for system administration for Unix. Setup user accounts, DNS, file sharing and the program is freeware.
  • ZOMOS - Web Hosting Control Panel - Zomos Server Controls allow you to let server administrators, resellers and end users control virtually all aspects of web hosting.
  • cPanel FAQ, How-To, and Scripts - The unofficial FAQ site for cPanel. Including many articles, howtos, and FAQs on the cPanel software, covering both server and site management.
  • cPanel Gui - cPanelGui is a Windows client for management of web sites. Web hosts and webmasters using cpanel can also use cpanel Gui to manage their domains.
  • cPanel - cPanel is the next generation site configuration and management software application. Supporting many operating systems while allowing endusers to control every aspect of their webhosting experience.
  • isp4you - A flexible domain management tool for Internet Service Providers based on the Webmin control panel.


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