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Submit your site to major search engines

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How to submit your site to major search engines?

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There are numerous so-called search engines in the world. However, not all of them are worth registering. Most of them are yellow pages, local directories, or industry resource sites. Submitting your site to these search engines does not bring any benefit. In fact, some of them just collect your email address, site owners profile, and even your personal information, and sell to email marketing companies.

Be to honestly, less than five are worth submitting. Among then, the most prestigious is Google. It just collect your site's URL and description. You even don't need to submit keywords information. The Googlebot will crawl your site and determine what content your site provide.

The second most valuable search engine is Yahoo. Since the beginning of this year, Yahoo requires the site owner to register as a Yahoo user (email user) before you submit your site. Beside the free submission, Yahoo also provides paid inclusion service to their database or directory.

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