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Business Plan for Starting an SMB

Free Business Plan Template

Business Plan How to Start a Business Online Business Starting a Small Business MBA Education

Free Business Plan Template

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1. Introductory Page

A. Name And Address Of Business

B. Name And Address Of Principals

C. Nature Of Business

D. Statement Of Financing Needed

E. Statement Of Confidentiality Of Report

2. Executive Summary -- Three to four pages summarizing the complete

business plan

3. Industry Analysis

A. Future outlook and trends

B. Analysis of competitors

C. Market segmentation

D. Industry forecasts

4. Description of Venture

A. Products

B. Services

C. Size Of Business

D. Office Equipment And Personnel

E. Background Of Entrepreneurs

5. Production Plan

A. Manufacturing process (amount subcontracted)

B. Physical plant

C. Machinery and equipment

D. Name of suppliers of raw materials

6. Marketing Plan

A. Pricing

B. Distribution

C. Promotion

D. Product Forecasts

E. Controls

7. Organizational Plan

A. Form of ownership

B. Identification of partners or principal shareholders

C. Authority of principals

D. Management-team background

E. Roles and responsibilities of members of organization

8. Assessment of Risk

A. Evaluate weaknesses of business

B. New technologies

C. Contingency plans

9. Financial Plan

A. Pro forma income statements

B. Cash flow projections

C. Pro forma balance sheet

D. Break-even analysis

E. Sources and applications of funds

10. Appendix (contains backup material)

A. Letters

B. Market research data

C. Leases or contracts

D. Price lists from suppliers

Business Plan Guide

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