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Lost Cascada

Skin Care Center

2100 SE Ocean Blvd.

Stuart, FL 34952


Phone: 772-340-3242  Fax: 772-340-3530


Ian Kerr, C.E.O.

123 Street

Port Saint Lucie, FL 34953


Statement of the Purpose of this Business Plan The purpose of this business plan is to present for evaluations to a lending institute the economic viability of Lost Cascada as a profitable business venture. This evaluation will lead the lending institution to be able to make a sound decision on funding capital for the formation of Lost Cascada.
Table of Contents

1.0                    The Business

1.1                    Description of the Business

1.2                    The Product We Offer

1.3                    Description of the Market

1.4                    Annual Marketing Plan

1.5                    Sample Marketing Piece

1.6                    Description of the Location

1.7                    SWOT Analysis of the Competition

1.8                    Pricing Justification

1.9                    Description of the Management

1.10             Description of Personnel

1.11             Application and expected effect of loan

2.0                    Financial Data

2.1                    Capital Equipment List

2.2                    Balance Sheet

2.3                    Breakeven Analysis

2.4                    Projected Income Statement

3.0                    Supporting Documents

3.1                    My Resume

3.2                    Competition Research Material

4.0                    Field Work

4.1                    Entrepreneurial Interviews

4.2                    Business License Application

4.3                    Current Events Articles

4.4                    Industry Articles

1.0        The Business

1.1        Description of the Business 

Our skin. It is the largest organ of our bodies, our first line of defense against infection and the most visible element of our appearance. We are in the business of taking care of this amazingly created augumentary system, collectively known as the skin. More specifically, our focus is on treating conditions of the outermost layer of the skin, the epidermis, primarily through water-based therapy, products, and techniques.

Our business is two-fold in nature. Initially income is generated through services, however, the effectiveness of these services is greatly reduced if not supplemented by a product. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive line of skin care related products for at home use.

Two areas set Lost Cascada apart. The first area is our treatment focus on hydration and the importance of water nourishment of the skin. The list of specialized hydration services we offer is unparalleled in depth by any esthetic skin care center in the area. Second, we are positioned as the area leader in servicing non-traditional markets. We specialize in the treatment of Latino, Black, and Asian skin in addition to the primary market of Caucasian skin. We have team members who speak Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), and American Sign Language to cover most foreign language needs.

Lost Cascada is designed as a replica of a rainforest waterfall area in the country of Costa Rica. We feel this theme lends itself to great atmosphere in the treatment of our clients.

1.2 The Product We Offer 

Feeling good. That is the ultimate product being sold at Lost Cascada. Visible epidermis conditions such as acne, hyper-pigmentation, lines of maturity, and unwanted hair can damage our feelings of self-worth. The pressures of living in our modern era also place a heavy stress load on us every day. These things make us feel bad. We offer practical solutions to counteract these problems and help our clients feel good.

The medium we use to achieve this goal is water. It is estimated that water comprises, on average, 60% of an adult’s body. That means that we are mostly water! Our skin needs water to be healthy. All treatments are either performed in or around water, use water-soluble products and hydrate the skin. We also offer 8 different types of bottled water to the client. Below is a complete menu of our services:

       Aqua Acne Facial, Dry       60.00

          Aqua Acne Facial, Wet     75.00

Relax in our hidden nook while a real stream gently laps by your treatment area or submerse yourself in relaxingly warm or refreshingly cold water while you receive your skin treatment. A specialized treatment to balance the natural oil to water ratio of the skin, restore a correct PH balance, and flush impurities out of pores. This includes a special training session on how to use water at home to prevent breakouts.

The Elements – Facial     95.00     (60 min.)

The Elements – Massage              95.00     (75 min.)

            (outdoors weather permitting)

Immerse yourself in elements of the natural world as you receive a deep-cleansing clay based facial while semi-submerged in a secret pool of volcanic mineral water as you relax to a personally customized musical soundtrack.

Europe by Sea                  80.00     (60 min.)

Mini-Europe by Sea         50.00     (30 min.)

Enjoy a relaxing European facial while resting on a sandy shoreline underneath exquisite coconut palms. Europe by Sea includes a lip and eye treatment as well as a complimentary bottle of Perrier from France.     

Cascada Sunrise              120.00

Cascada Sunset               120.00

Experience the awesome beauty of the sunrise or sunset on our special viewing ledge as the mist of from our waterfall hydrates your skin. A truly unique experience awaits you as you receive the facial or massage of choice from our customizable menu. Also available for couples.

Choices include:  1. H2Oxygen  2. Far Eastern Waves 

                          3. Treasure of Cocos  4. Europe By Sea 

1.3 Description of the Market 

The primary market for skin care services are females from the ages of 33 to 64. The market is expanding to include females from 18-64. A growing demographic for skin care are people of a non-white ethnicity, especially as Latino Americans purchasing power grows. Lost Cascada is positioned primarily to capture these two markets. According to the 2000 U.S. Census Bureau, Martin County’s female population between the ages of 18-64 is 53,082 or 41.9% of the total population. People of Latino origin make up 7.5% of the total population while those of black or African American descent comprise 5.3%. Both ethnic percentages include men as well as women.

1.4 Annual Marketing Plan 

Lost Cascada 2006 Annual Marketing Budget

Divided into three seasons: Spring, summer, and winter. 

        Radio Ad costs based on 10 spots over a four-week period.

        Flier costs based on ink and paper costs for an Epson CX6600 inkjet printer with a print run of 1000 pieces.

        Website costs based on Yahoo! Web hosting for small business services.

  • These costs do not include labor as I will be doing the graphics develop myself.


Spring:                    Radio                        Fliers                            Website





















Total costs for spring period:  $1343.75


Summer:                 Radio                        Fliers                            Website

















Total costs for summer period:  $1095.80


Winter:                   Radio                        Fliers                            Website













Total costs for winter period:  $795.85


Annual cost for advertising and marketing: $3,235.40

1.5 Sample Marketing Piece
1.6 Description of the Location


          Lost Cascada will be well positioned in the upscale Martin County Office Plaza, adjacent to the Martin County Board of County Commissioners building, directly in front of Traveling Nurses Association building, and in the same building as Morgan Stanley. The renovated commerce hot spot of downtown Stuart is only minutes away, as well as lawyers and medical professionals offices. This positioning makes us visible and accessible to a demographic with a higher percentage of disposable income. The address and lease terms are listed below:


Martin County Office Plaza

2100 SE Ocean Blvd., Stuart, FL

2,000 sq. ft. of space

5 year lease


How the monthly cost is calculate:

A. 16.00 per sq. ft. NNN first year, 4-6% CPI increase for each additional year

B. 6.52 flat rate for use of common areas

C. Martin County Tax: 1.06

(A + B) * C = monthly lease price


Per Month: 3996.20, first year

Reference Material: Traffic Survey
1.8 Pricing Justification
1.9 Description of Management


Ian Stewart Kerr was born in Niagara Falls, Ontario on January 17,1980. In 1983 his family moved to Florida where he has been a resident for the past 23 years. In 2004 he graduated from Indian River Community College with a state registry as a facial specialist as well as successfully completing business studies. Upon completing studies at IRCC, Ian earned the Honors Diploma from the International Dermal Institute, the highest award given from the institution. He is currently working towards his CIDESCO certification, the highest international recognition given in the skin care industry.

Ian is a current member of the International Congress of Esthetics as well as a research consultant for both Dermascope and Skin Inc. magazine. His specialty expertise’s of facial mapping techniques, LED light therapy, and acne skin treatment has led to invitations as a guest speaker for the 2004 and 2005 International Congress of Esthetics bi-annual conventions. He also is currently serving as an adjunct instructor for the IRCC esthetics program.


  Ariella Yoshida Kerr was born in San Jose, Costa Rica on January 7th, 1981. Upon graduation from the University of Costa Rica with her degree in art design, she moved to Miami, Florida where she works as a design consultant for the Central American division of the International Dermal Institute.

1.10 Description of the Personnel


  Paris Silvers is our resident esthetician and supply supervisor. Paris graduated from the International Dermal Institute in 2003 with an Honors Diploma and has been working in upscale resorts in Palm Beach ever since. Paris specializes in treating maturing skin conditions and non-surgical lip and eye treatments. Her base salary is $35,000 per year plus commissions on product sales.


  Anastasia Renaldo, a tri-lingual business student from Sao Paulo, Brazil, manages office and reception responsibilities. She is currently enrolled at IRCC and has shown brilliance in the field of interpersonal communications. Her base salary is $25,000 per year plus bonuses.


       In addition to our in-house team, we are leasing out three treatment bays, two to estheticians and one to a massage therapist who provide their own insurance coverage and equipment with the exception of our in-house server providing treatment data and fully customizable musical and visual programs based on the clients wants.

1.11 Application and Expected Effect of Bank Loan

2.0 Financial Data

3.0 Supporting Documents

3.1 Resume


        Ian Kerr

       123 Street

         Port Saint Lucie, FL 34953


          Educational Background



          Graduated from correspondence high school based in Lansing, Illinois.


          Graduated with a state registered Facial Specialist recognition from Indian River

          Community College.


Graduated from the International Dermal Institute with highest recognition Honors Diploma specializing in acne skin treatment.


Received continuing education certificate for specialty area of facial mapping and LED therapy treatments.


Work Experience



Began working as a facial specialist for Breakers Hotel in West Palm Beach.


Invited to be guest speaker at International Congress of Esthetics semi-annual convention in Miami, Florida.


Invited to become adjunct instructor at Indian River Community College in the Esthetics program.


Invited to be guest speaker at International Congress of Esthetics semi-annual convention in Dallas, Texas.


Hired to do material research for Dermascope magazine.

3.2 Competition Research Material
4.0 Field Work

4.1 Entrepreneurial Interviews

4.2 Business License Application

4.3 Current Events Articles

4.4 Industry Articles




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