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Swiss History Part IV

Swiss History 4

While the state stuck to the old structure in its structure and became increasingly aristocratic, groups of citizens in societies tried to promote reforms in various areas, in particular social welfare and economics. The Helvetic Society united the patriotically minded…
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Swiss History Part III

Swiss History 3

In 1523/25 the city of Zurich decided to start the Reformation. Most of the cities followed, in 1528 the territorially important Bern. Zwingli’s Reformation reached far into southern Germany. The five places (Lucerne, Uri, Schwyz, Unterwalden, Zug) organized the Catholic…
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Swiss History Part II

Swiss History 1

Consolidation of the Confederation Between 1415 (conquest of the Habsburg Aargau) and 1474 (beginning of the Burgundian Wars), a solid state system was formed, the Swiss Confederation. It was expanded until 1536. The system comprised the “Thirteen Old Places” from…
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