15 Rings Male to Buy Through the Internet

15 Rings Male to Buy Through the Internet

If you have already read our guide how to use the rings male and are thinking fondly of buying a accessory who knows, you may find something that suits you in our list of 15 rings male to buy through the internet. It has provided the traditional style rocker with a skull up to the minimalist and discrete.

15 Rings Male to Buy Through the Internet



1 – Before you go around passing it the number of your credit card to know that these products are from different countries (Brazil included), then it is possible that you will be taxed when the product arrive here. Please enquire before you of the rates that are being charged at the time of purchase – some stores are not charging shipping, which is already something.

2 – The values followed by the asterisk ( * ) are in foreign currency and were converted to real, therefore there may be change due to the fluctuation of the exchange rate.

3 – If available, read the reviews of the products to know if other consumers are satisfied with what they received.


1 – skull Ring

Silver, handmade, still gives you the option of choosing the finish between the rustic, vintage and polished.

Buy for$781,77*


2 – Ring rustic texture

Made of copper recycled, this has a particularity: it is covered by a texture that resembles wood. Made hand, lets you choose the size and comes straight out of Uzbekistan!

Buy 83,17*


3 – Ring black ceramic and wood

The mix of materials (black ceramic, and wood) results in a different part of what we see out there, handmade in the USA, it takes 1 to 3 days to get ready.

Buy for$282,73*


4 – Ring carbon fiber double black

Has a bold and modern that explores the reflection of light to create an effect checkerboard itself of the carbon. Includes a beautiful box that can serve for gift.

Buy for$584,33*


5 – Alliance in damascus steel

Made in the Czech Republic, uses the look of damascus steel to create a texture impressive and original for the entire piece, because it is made with two types of steel overlapping.

Buy 648,70* (unit price)


6 – Ring-celtic silver

Manufactured in the Uk with the typical intricate design patterns of celtic, has finished the hand, allowing you to choose the size according to the table.

Buy for$250.00*


7 – Ring of turquoise, wood and titanium

One of the most unusual, mixing the stone turquoise with wood (sealed) and titanium with a visual result only. Handmade in the USA, can be customized by the buyer.

Buy for$598,80*


8 – Minimalist titanium and carbon fiber

Mix the two noble and resistant material in a minimalist design and elegant, ideal for those looking for a piece of clean and stylish.

Buy for$562,50*


9 – Ring with a nautical feel

Made of silver, with classic design, has a meaning that you will discover if you click on the link below.

Buy for$232,87*


10 – skull Ring made from the bone of buffalo

Carved in the bone of buffalo, this skull ring flees to the conventional method, and should interest those who are looking for something more unique. Made in Indonesia, is available in 3 sizes.

Buy for$129,74*


11 – Ring wing

With striking design, made from sterling silver, it is made in a limited edition bespoke in Greece.

Buy for R$249,50*


12 – basic Ring silver

This can be ordered by the Link 7, so this is a brazilian product. It is made in solid silver, comes with a nice box and cloth cleaning, but to request a specific size is necessary to get in touch with the manufacturer.

Buy for R$380,00


13 – the Ring-rustic copper

Clearly handmade, with a visual purposely careless and worn-out that it sounds male yet has the advantage of adjusting to the finger.

Buy for$93,15*


14 – steel Ring with stone

For those who want something with affordable price and it is not concerned with noble metals, this stainless steel model fits like a glove, especially if you are looking for a piece more eye-catching.

Buy for R$49,90


15 – Ring with geometric shape

With modern appearance and funky, it is made of bronze, oxidized which gives it that aged appearance and rustic. Handmade in Australia.

Buy for$229,54*


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