YouTube Tests Function That Changes the Speed of Videos

One of the things that Google else does in their products is experience. Cautiously, of course. They always test new functions and features warning the user that it is a test that can not be adopted widely in the future. One of these functions is to change playback speed, which began to appear some time on YouTube. And apparently I was one of the selected users for testing.

With the new feature, site users can select four playback speeds beyond normal. Fastest two and two slower. At faster speeds, the video sound accompanies the change but it is not with the squirrel voice effect as often happens. Already in slower speeds, the sound appears only in speed 1/2 option and add the 1/4 option.

The idea to implement this function, I believe, may have originated from requests from users or by puracuriosidade YouTube’s own employees to know how it would look. But the important thing is that if it is enabled on all the site, users no longer need to edit the videos putting slow motion effects when a human male is reached in the pelvic region or when a skateboarder not calculate well a maneuver and perform one faceplant in place.

I do not know if I was randomly chosen to test this function, but when I first saw was using version HTML5 YouTube by Chrome and logged out of my Google account.